Friday Islamic quotes ♧


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  1. SMiLes mY FriEnd Sohair
    And surely the HereAfter
    NoW is Always Best in and
    aS LoVE aWay From a World
    of More Material Goods as Folks
    become more often it seems the Tools
    Rather than
    the BeinG oF
    LoVE LiViNG WiTHiN
    Also Known as God
    To Remember Love
    And to Put Love
    in Action
    is to save
    the World as
    A More Peaceful Place
    not only to survive but even
    Thrive Free too.. For it is also
    True.. True Happiness is the Free
    oF Helping OtHeRs And Love is only
    one Language when kind and giving Free
    Sharing Fearlessly as such too.. and tHeRE ArE
    BeYoNd iNFiNiTy aS LoVE iN MeaSuRE oF WHaT
    iT TaKeS FoR uS AnD aLL the Rest of Creation to
    EVeN eXisT
    LoVE MoRE NoW
    WiTHiN uS Too MoRE
    aLSo NoW to MoRe WiTh SMiLeS
    AlWays Worthy of Praise and Thanks GiVinG
    Too AlWaYS NoW MoRE aS A NeVeR EnDinG PracTicE
    oF And SToRY
    aS LoVE BEiNG
    isReaL NoW MoRE too..
    Yes.. the Plan Is An Intrinsic
    Reward in Thanks And Praise
    oF Giving and Sharing eVeN MoRE
    mY FRiEnd SoHaiR.. so much thanks
    from me for GiViNG and SHaRinG LoVInG Quotes
    FRoM YouR Language of God in Muslim ways now too..:)

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  2. Ha! and just by coincidence
    Word Press Counted that as
    the 2900th Comment on Your
    Blog as i also Celebrate my
    2900th Consecutive Day of
    Writing Around 12 Million Words
    Online Since Thanks Giving Day
    of 2010..
    True i
    like to Write..
    so i just do it
    eVeN MoRE NoW WiTh SMiLes..;)

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  3. Wow…great ..i joined wordpress at the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015…i thank God that He gifted me a sincere friend like u Fred…i told my elder sister about u ..she saw the images in ur blog ..she is not good at English…but she enjoyed and liked ur blog a lot..she does not have a blog in wordpress ..but she sees u as a nice character…
    I am happy to have ur comment here at the last day of 2017…
    I wish u a happy new year …send my greetings to pretty Katie and the whole family…
    Thank u so much Fred dear friend….
    Have a great day!!!

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  4. SMiLes.. Soheir.. Thanks so much for the New Year Wishes and Katrina
    Returns the Wishes too with a SMiLe oF LoVE to you.. Glad your Sister
    Enjoyed the Photos on my Blog for it’s True i do my
    Best to Bring Beauty and Wisdom in Kind
    and Courage and yes in some cases
    Free and Wild in the Photos
    i BRinG for i realize
    not everyone
    is either
    cut out for either
    the way i Write or the
    Ideologies i Bring that
    are certainly in many cases
    only a Tradition and Religion
    And the Politics and Philosophies
    of individual me.. For you are the best
    Kind of FriEnd mY FriEnd wHo WiLL Allow Love
    as FriEnd to be a Stronger Force over Differences
    for it is True from Politics to Religion to Country to
    other Country we Humans Naturally Have Different
    Languages for all of this even within Country and State
    and Town when we speak the same Language of Country..
    So really.. between you and me the Force of Love is Stronger
    than the Religion and Politics and Language that is Different
    And sadly i cannot say the
    same NoW for Many
    So-named Christians
    when they learn more
    of what i have to say
    beyond the Dance
    of me now and really
    in many cases.. either
    A Militant Atheist and or
    A Fundamentalist Christian
    Will both distance themselves
    the most from me when they do
    hear all i have to say.. and that’s okay
    for Friends Evolve Most in one lifetime both
    to others and self NoW With the Force of aGApe
    Unconditional Fearless Love as an overall Force oF LiFE..
    it’s True mY FriEnd for those who do stick with me they most
    do a
    Kind of Love
    tHat is no Fake Love and is Real..
    It’s true in a way i am a litmus test for
    Love and for the Kind of Christianity i see
    in the Gnostic Gospels of what is left from
    Original Greek Translations Uncovered in Egypt
    that much more reflect the Mystic Sufi way of Seeing
    God in all of what exists we see and do not see too.. but
    True the Force that Lives within that can and will be experienced
    now for when i do the Dervish alone as there are very few people
    so inclined to
    Dance Spiral
    And Sing with
    Hands and Feet
    Barefoot with on Grains of
    God’s Brown Earth and in this
    New way of Singing With Hands
    on a Technology Provided Keyboard
    that makes notes of a Piano translate
    into words.. no doubt in my mind at least
    that the humble and meek man most likely
    originally fearless named Yeshua would have
    Been a Good Friend Homeless Barefoot Wanderer
    of Love aCross the Country Side who knows
    these days with a Guitar and Song
    And Dance Strapped aCross
    his back.. hehe.. he
    might even
    Ride A
    Bicycle in FAct i think
    i saw that man again riding
    his Bicycle in the Cold Clouds
    of December with no wHeRE to lay
    his Head but the Bosom of God within..
    it’s true my friEnd most of the Real Christians
    in what i understand is Christian are mostly the richest
    of all the poor of homeless people i meet on the sides of street
    and Under Bridges on the Beach for they have disowned the Materialistic
    World set out with empty pockets just like the story of Jesus often Barefoot
    and relying on the Part of Human Nature that most often and sadly enough
    exists outside the doors of the First Baptist Church where i live as the part of
    Charity that sees all human beings with or without the riches of Culture now
    As BeinGs
    wHo are
    Children of
    God Worthy of
    at least a Hand
    Shake.. a Hug and
    Even A Dollar For A Glass
    of Wine for those who are not
    yet able to turn water into wine
    but actually do for at least a Beer
    with a Dollar Bill my FriEnd.. no.. i do not
    Drink.. i Do not Smoke.. hehe.. or even do Caffeine
    but the thing is i am no Normal Human Being for it is
    True it is often those who live in Heaven that are the most
    of all
    for those
    are the ones
    who refuse to outcast
    any others my friend the
    Greatest Gift of Jesus the just a man STiLL an
    Outcast who Loves all people regardless of Color
    Nationality.. Gender.. Sexual Orientation.. Disability
    or any other Difference per one of the more positive
    verses that still exists in the New Testament by a man
    who was about 3 Cubits also known as 4 Foot 6 with
    as some suggest had Red Hair and bowed legs
    which would surely made Saul the Paul just
    by looks then.. a candidate for outcast
    and perhaps with
    no mate
    anyway.. his Poetic
    Verse he said came from
    the Holy Creative Spirit within
    for one Bread one Body one Spirit
    For all.. Gentile Jew.. Servant or Free
    Woman or Man No More.. that my Friend
    is the Jesus i know and feel and sense and
    in Metaphor per archetype of Unconditional Love
    in Fearless way the Jesus i am but on the other hand
    per another one of Paul’s Letters that says distance yourself
    from so-called Sinners in Church i am not that Jesus and never will
    be for i have seen Hell and Devil Up close and Personal for 66 months
    and i do KNoW From first Hand Personal Experience that God can and will
    Redeem the
    Devil in
    Earthly Hell
    Per as ‘they’ Dance
    and Sing Hallelujah For
    Salvation is the way of Nature
    And God the same for the Inheritance
    of Healing Within.. Scientists name it Epigenetics
    for unpacking Positive Healing DNA and Neuroplasticity
    for Rewiring the MiNd and Body all Naturally for Positive
    Healing Force too with what Science names as the Placebo
    Effect of Belief with Shared Love as Pure Faith Now Opposite to
    what Science Names as the Nocebo Effect that is really no different
    than how Voodoo really does work when.. folks believe in Negative
    Thoughts as Science Shows that literally can and will make someone
    Physically ill even leading to actions that may result in injury to Death
    in ways
    of Physical
    Illness too.. but you
    see my Friend all Science
    has done is to find the Natural
    ways of what folks wrote about in
    the Oldest Holy and Sacred Texts aCross
    Cultures in Languages for the ReaLiTy of God
    as Nature sAMe and Different per Language and
    or Science Speak that achieves the same consequences
    by thought and connection to others and actions as Essence
    no matter what the Language as Form Says Now Love and Healing
    And Salvation worthy of Thanks and Praise for a Dance and Song
    of Hallelujah to
    even increase
    the Spirit
    of Love and
    Healing Peace
    of Redeeming Force
    Salvation even more NoW
    is Real.. reAlly Real as Science
    Even sHows we are a reflection of
    all that is God in all of Nature in the
    Farthest reaches of the Universe as the
    Iron in our Blood comes from Super Nova
    Explosions that continue to Flow as us as
    Mountains of Love Reaching Higher toGether
    in the Spirit of Cooperative Healing Love for the
    Will and Strength and Grace Of Love that makes
    us Sentient Star Dust resurrected now from Crucible
    Fire of Star Death Crucible Core Fire Burst Reborn we are as Love
    Stars of God NoW each and every one of us worth holding Hands with Hugs
    to raise
    this Love
    of God
    HiGher NoW
    alToGeTHeR Praising
    A Hallelujah in how ever a
    Culture and or Religion Wills in Strength
    as Love and Grace to Dance and Sing it Real NoW
    as Elton John Sings Song STiLL NoW is for you may friEnd
    and You NoW is everYone all wHo are all eyes and ears and
    hands and feet and all the rest of us as the Temples of
    God Holding Hands with Hugs ToGeTHeR tHaT Needs no
    at all..
    never the less hehe..
    i hope you don’t might
    that i put it down in words
    for the bottom line is Happy
    New Year Always Now i Love you FRiEnD
    With a Tear in the eye that is the most real
    Experience of Life tHeRe is.. NoW STiLL ReaL
    For any
    man with
    A Piano on his
    Back Barefoot as
    Beach with less.. FuLL of LoVE
    BeYonD Any Golden Chalice Walls NoW..:)

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  5. Hey there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this site before but after reading through some of the post I realized it’s new to me.
    Anyhow, I’m definitely happy I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and
    checking back often!

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  6. Heya just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let you know a few of the pictures aren’t loading correctly.
    I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different web browsers and both show the same outcome.

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