Be patient !!


25 thoughts on “Be patient !!

  1. SMiLes my FriEnd
    for Be Patient
    me of the
    of this shall
    pass too for Change
    can and will be our best
    friEnd too for when i existed
    in an Earthly Hell of Pain and
    Numb and of course 19 Medical
    Disorders of the such my Mother
    told me this too
    will pass
    for she
    was elder
    24 years
    and had been
    through more than
    me but true i could find
    no one anywhere to share what
    it was like to experience never
    ending wake to sleep Type Two
    Trigeminal Neuralgia for 66 months..
    not even on the ‘Wrong Planet’ then
    from the unwanted
    toy humans of
    life on
    that online
    website then..
    sure.. some folks experienced
    that pain sporadically in still what
    science names as type one Trigeminal
    Neuralgia for me like Dentist Drill Pain
    in eye and ear without Novocaine but no
    one i could find in the entire World to Give
    Me Hope that it was possible to make it through all pain then
    ways awake or find a way then to tolerate that pain as then no
    science made drug other than Ativan to knock me out to sleep
    could provide any escape from that pain at all.. but it’s true
    Our God Nature Acts in mysterious ways of Healing Change
    too.. for the insight
    within me then
    to stArt Writing
    Words after
    33 months
    in that pain
    Locked between
    my ears.. somehow
    a little transcendence to
    survive did come while writing
    then.. and i had no choice but to
    give up complaining about it and
    whining and the such of why me
    for my Mother Bluntly put it
    why not you.. what makes
    you so special
    that you
    have to go to
    an Earthly Hell like
    other folks do too.. for
    you were Love Before and
    now you do exist in the other
    place now… but still she said
    this too will pass be patient
    for this too will pass
    as i screamed
    to a God
    above why
    am i here
    in Hell
    smiles NoW my friend for i was
    looking for God too far away for i was
    yet to Find God within as Love to Heal
    me away from all my pain and numb back
    to a real Heaven of Love Within now.. and it’s
    true i wrote about this Heaven in Words until empty
    shells of letters became Words HouSinG an Essence of
    Love as that Love was born again in me.. as surely a Phoenix
    of Love Rose FLoWeReD out of the ashes of Hell in Darkest Abyss Soul
    then of
    66 months
    wHeRe Night
    is preferable to Day..
    for then my friEnd any
    light brought even more
    pain and numb.. so it’s true
    Soheir.. Change means Patience
    And Never Ever Giving up for Change
    is Real and Hell can becoMe HeaveN aGaiN
    WithiN Reborn as LiGht as Saint Elmo’s Fire as
    DancE and SinG
    too mY FriEnd..
    Oh yeaH and by the
    Way Elmo is another
    way to say Helen my Mother’s
    Name Saint Helen in Heaven to me at least
    on this all Saint’s Day as ‘the Catholics’ Sing too..:)

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    1. It must be a beautiful catholic song.
      Such a great mother Helen is!
      When i imagine how much pain u suffered through the long months…i think how patient u were Fred…but i am sure after everything had passed away all ur life and character changed…u became more solid…
      U r a real fighter my friend…
      I always feel comfort reading ur comments Fred as they are real and come directly from a pure heart.
      Be happy always my friend and keep fighting in the life battle…it is a long journey..only fighters who can reach the end.
      Smiles Fred and thanks a lot !!

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  2. Thanks so much for the Kind
    words in return my FriEnd Soheir
    tHere is another Song in the U.S.
    named ‘Believer’ by a man in
    the Mormon Religion
    that says
    him a Believer
    for it’s true Severe
    Pain often leads to
    Reduction to even
    Loss of Emotions
    too and that
    Truly is at least
    to me worse than the
    Science assessed worst
    Pain understood by Human
    Kind at Large for those 66 Months
    from wake to sleep.. and it’s true when
    one loses Emotions tHeRE is no reference
    point Back to those Feelings as Emotions
    are Memories and Memories are
    Emotions too often incased
    in senses and associations
    of words too for yes
    Those Words
    of Love
    in the past
    Became empty shells
    with no memory of what
    a smile or a laugh felt like during
    those 66 Months wHere putting a Beloved
    Cat Down about 63 Months into my illness
    brought the First Tear in those 63 months
    and that tear of grief was the best
    feeling ever then for i finally
    gained the feeling
    of strength
    to well being
    of Will coming from
    a Foundation of Love and Grace…
    iN school and at play the folks who live
    where i live.. particularly young males told those
    of us who expressed emotions that we could never
    be real men with emotions expressed of any kind.. not
    even a smile my friEnd.. the killing of male emotions and
    empathy and sympathy and compassion same is truly a source
    of all conflict.. religion or not as part of that equation of cold souls
    who and that feel and sense no love as empathy and sympathy and
    compassion with their fellow brothers and sisters as we are all blood love..
    until Love
    is killed
    off my
    friend.. true too
    this happens innately
    too rarely in genetics in
    what folks name as Psychopathic
    Tendencies where these genetically
    ill people feel pleasure over the pain of others
    as truly their only real pleasure now.. leading to
    all kinds of Harm to others as these folks most often
    end up in prison for life. . for some of these people have
    little to no control of their lust to see others in harm and pain..
    and it’s true the same can come from illness and pain in this kind of
    numb too..
    for to my horror
    for to my moral
    code when i was sick
    in the bottom pit of hell
    when i could feel nothing
    but pain and numb truly all
    i looked forward too was the
    pain that was me then.. for
    it’s true i feared the numb
    more than even the pain..
    it’s truly hard to say too..
    what causes what now
    then or which is
    what which is
    but so sadly and horrifyingly
    one day when my Mother was choking
    on a piece of bread no matter the horror of
    my moral code.. i too then had become the real devil
    on earth too.. for watching her choke then that was always
    one of my most terrifying experiences of life before actually
    felt better than the pain and numb inside.. so it’s true my friend
    i can sympathize with the difficulties real devils live in Human form
    but you see i had a moral code that could at least remember logically
    that this was part of my overall sickness then for my brain had been
    damaged by constant fight or flight stress at work for two years before
    most all the illnesses came on in disability then.. that’s the other thing
    that pain taught me.. Fear is A killer A father of all that
    is bad in life truly a devil at core too in how
    we live our lives.. i don’t fear anymore
    for i understand
    how fear
    away close up
    and so personal my friend..
    and i must say it makes me rather
    Angry when i see someone telling
    a Young Man he is weak for expressing
    his emotions now.. for i understand that is
    a pathway straight to hell.. a hole of emptiness
    that can never be filled up as felt in the now of eternal hell..
    True all in all Pain taught me how to Love Unconditionally my
    FriEnd for it was the Numb that taught me what and where Heaven
    is within
    Love Giving
    and Sharing
    Love that is felt
    and sensed as Real
    Muse of Motivating Power force SpiRiT
    more to share and give love even MoRE NoW
    but further more i understand now that i will never
    be in a position personally to judge any human being
    or any other part of Creation and God the same for true
    i am only human and i do break down too.. but true too
    i will do anything and everything to prevent just one
    person from going where i did my friend
    for at the end
    of life
    in the
    last blink
    thereof it is
    the love we give
    and share that is all of
    really what carries on of our
    Spirit our heARt and our SoUL
    HeAR oN EaRTh the Gift the Gift Real is Love…
    Highest Gift God Gives Human as Nature Real Now..
    a place when real within is surely worthy of a name
    for a Kingdom of Heaven within for Hell is my Greatest
    Gift from God of and as Nature within me to find a home
    within as LoVE NoW..
    i am for
    this Love my
    FriEnd but again
    the reference point is
    both devil and demon and hell real…
    Before my Father and Mother and one
    of My Step Mother’s Husbands and my Aunt
    and a Cousin and a Sister-in-Law and more
    passed away i came back to Love just
    in the
    counts to
    say so long
    for Love is all
    that lasts to me my friEnd Soheir..:)

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    1. Great lessons indeed Fred!!
      No fear…love giving and sharing and most important is unconditional love which i see is very rare in this materialistic world we live in..all leads to inner happiness and content.
      Many people left life without understanding such great values…and the result is that they left nothing behind them …maybe they left disappointment and pain to the people who they lived with…
      Life is a great lesson indeed….
      Thanks a lot Fred..i always learn a lot from u..i like ur philosophy in life.
      Life is good with good friends like u Fred!

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      1. Where i live my FriEnd tHere are only a few between
        very many people who seem to be interested
        in the Deeper pARTs of
        SoUL and so nice
        it is to meet some
        People in the World
        like you even if i must
        travel online to places like
        Egypt.. India.. Pakistan and
        the Highlands of Scotland
        and the NetherLands
        too.. but sure.. tHere
        are a few too
        in my
        Local Area and Country
        wHo do have a thirst now
        For the Deeper pARts of Life..
        those i do treasure as friends but
        true i do learn so much from everyone
        no matter who they are now my friEnd
        for we are all in this soUL GroWinG
        Endeavor toGeTher to liFt
        Each oThER Up HiGher
        ToGeTheR iN Unity aS
        As the
        Synthesis of Differences
        Surely do evolve all our souLs
        HiGheR and HiGheR with God no
        matter what people Call the Force oF aLL…
        Thanks so much for BeinG mY FriEnd it does mean
        to me..

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      1. In the United States.. overall Halloween
        is a very big Celebration for most Folks
        but in the Deep South
        here many
        Christians see it as
        an Evil Holiday and do not
        Celebrate.. the Catholic Church
        more Liberal in some ways has no
        Problem Celebrating it and Children
        even come dressed in Costumes
        to Church but it is usually
        Characters like
        Super Heroes
        ways and not so much
        scary stuff.. During my Decades
        of Work.. i really didn’t Celebrate many
        Traditional Holidays much for i worked through
        most of them to earn Double Pay to Pay our Bills..
        and also in Hopes of Saving Money for a Rainy Day
        and Retirement too as that surely did come in very
        Handy for the Rainy Days of Disability that i never
        planned then
        would eventually
        come next for me..
        And now after getting
        well enough to participate
        in Humanity.. at least again..
        i fully embrace all Cultural
        Traditions.. some that
        i had no desire
        to participate
        in the
        Years of Before..
        mostly for it’s nice to
        be pART of People getting
        together for common bonding
        in an activity that is understood
        and shared among people.. and
        that too is why i haven’t missed
        not even one Sunday at
        Church since
        September of 2013..
        and rarely even miss the
        Church Casino trips even though
        i do not gamble and Katrina only plays
        the Free play as making more money is surely
        not something i am interested in and Katrina is
        okay as long as she has enough each month to spend..
        anyway ..we like the pART where people come together and
        bond no matter what the bond is as long is it harms no one now..
        And when i was Young i always loved the creative role play of Halloween
        and i must admit i enjoy doing that in a way all year long most every day
        as many of my Shirts have different memes and themes that i play and
        change as i wear them day by day too.. keeping my Imagination and
        Creativity Young as well as my mind and body BaLanCinG
        Force of overall Love too.. in all of MoVinG Connecting
        with all
        Creating too..
        shores expanding
        my FriEnd all paRT
        of Ocean wHole God to me at least..
        but nah.. i don’t watch scary stuff for
        i truly believe we become whatever it is
        we feed our mind and body too.. would
        rather fill it with Unconditional Love
        with Hope and Joy and Laughter
        to make
        A Chalice
        and a Rose of
        liFE that Never Stops FloWeRinG Now..
        Thanks again for stopping by to say hi..
        yeah.. i’m kinda long winded but as ‘they’
        say.. Soheir.. practice and more practice makes stronger
        and more durable winds thaT and who DancE and SinG oN NoW..:)

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      2. I liked ur way of thinking about the idea of people gathering together as long as there is no harm for any one even if u are not convinced about the idea of their being together ….the most important is the joy and happiness they share together.
        Sorry for the delayed reply Fred….yesterday was a busy day…my sisters came to visit me…we had a nice day…thanks God.
        Smiles Fred and thanks a lot for the nice information u mentioned in this comment…i was wondering how Fred is a no religion and he goes to church regularly…sorry for misunderstanding u one day….
        Send my love and peace to Dear Katie….Have a great day u both !!!

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  3. SMiLes mY FriEnd and no worries if and when
    you have time to respond to my mini-novels
    hehe.. for surely i understand what it was
    like to Work for Decades and
    how hard it was to
    really find
    i loved
    to do outside
    of work then
    for me half the struggle
    was not really having an inner
    voice and not really even being
    comfortable in my own skin until
    the last few years of my life.. my friEnd..
    for true school and work taught me mostly
    to solve problems even the social ones within
    the realm of School and Work too but as far as
    a Mind and Body BaLanCinG ForcE Within as
    Free Love Feeling and Sensing and an
    Inner Voice to Express all i come
    to understand as TrUtH and
    LiGht those were
    and virtues too
    that i did not possess
    nearly fully then as i do now
    with Thousands of Hours and Thousands
    of Days of Practice now as a person now detached
    from what most folks do experience as the regular schools
    and problem solving areas of work too.. nah.. no emails
    or words of discussion online then and no.. not
    even the desire to own any cell phone then
    for what is the real use of
    any of that
    if one
    is not yet
    in their own skin
    with an inner voice
    that frees and expresses
    love better than ever before..
    for it’s also True my friEnd in those
    Decades with Family and Friends Different
    and same when anyone asked me what i was doing
    then all i had to say was working working for i was far from
    Free in Love and Art then my friEnd as a iSReaL Dance and Song
    of LiFE that Feels and Senses all as Holy and Sacred Full of Meaning
    and Purpose God within inside.. outside.. above.. so below and all around..
    my religion to bind with all was very small then.. now it is all my friEnd for it’s
    true i am no
    Catholic Church
    Person who adheres
    to this book rule or that
    book rule as further established
    then and now too by the still expanding
    Roman Empire in those ways of Monarchy
    at the hands of Popes and Cardinals and
    Bishops and Monsignors too.. although
    that hierarchal organization does
    a lot of Good for the
    Poor and
    too.. i many not be that
    Religion my friend but the General
    Definition of Religion is that which binds
    folks together for my Religion is one of God and
    Free as a Dance and Song of Life that Binds all together
    even beyond Human Words and that my FriEnd in an original
    Definition of Catholic that means a Religion of all is most definitely
    a Religion of
    all in this
    Sense and
    Feel both sadly
    and Fortunately i may
    be the only True in LIGht
    Catholic by Original Definition
    and Meaning of that Universal Religion
    of Love and Free who enters those doors now..
    smiles my friend for i carry all human clothes and
    religions i feel and sense and know and understand
    and synthesize toGeTher even more for what works
    Free as Love for me.. for this my friEnd IS A WaY the
    SoUL Evolves and i am just an integral grain of sand
    like everyone (aLL) elSe in this Play of GoD LIFE within
    me now.. so fortunate i was to be plucked
    out of the prisons of the culture and
    religions in my local area that
    repress/opress greater Human
    Freedoms and
    Love through the
    God of and as Nature
    Gift of Pain and Numb
    for those 66 months then
    for it’s True my friEnd iN liGht
    We Never die in what we see as LiFE
    NoW eternaLLy NoW and the More we Feel
    and Sense and See NoW with knowledge
    and understanding in moving connecting
    and creating more now as real i Do 100 Percent
    Believe as Faith as Love that this way of Life for
    me makes God Happiest now in and as and with Me now
    within in my story oD TrutH and LiGht NoW.. but again we are
    all toGeTher on this Journey in many paths now the least we can
    do and the most we will do is lift each other uP with Hands Up mY
    and who
    Step down..
    Humility is a fist
    and a sword that changes
    into a Dove and or beautiful
    White Seagull of Fearless Love
    NoW My FriEnd and i continue to attempt
    to GroW a Greater Potential of God within me
    now as tHeRE is no distance space or time in God’s
    Love so this does mean that God’s Love LiViNG WitHiN
    Human Nature ReaL NoW is BeYoNd even iNFNiTy NoW
    Happy Rest of
    YouR Friday Weekend
    Evening for You my Friend
    and i am so Happy you got to
    spend a day with the rest of
    your Poetic Family too
    and by the way
    i didn’t
    miss your
    face that day
    you provided it in your
    Avatar my friEnd it is etched
    Forever in my eYes now for their
    is no copyrighting the Human Face of Love..
    You are a very Strong Willing Woman my friEnd
    As that TrutH and LiGHt sHows as your Face Shines
    A Foundation
    Love and Grace..
    as We GroW togeTher
    thaT Ocean WhOle LoVE
    ToGeThEr NoW iN the
    and Strength too mY FriEnd..
    i’m Positive God LiVinG within
    is so proud of Human FriEnds
    Like WE who Hold Hands aCross God sKeyes..
    SMILes mY FriEnd for my Grandfather was
    a Catholic Priest who was excommunicated
    for he decided he would eventually
    bring the
    seed of
    to the Florida
    Panhandle too..
    and it’s true my friEnd
    i am a Catholic Priest in Metaphor
    way too but this Catholicism i Bring
    is a Religion of
    Love and
    Free for
    all the all
    of you and me
    and us and we an i now real..
    and nah by far by far i am not the only
    Free Lance Soldier of God like this with swords and
    fists of Humility Change into Flying Doves as Seagull words now Love Free..:)

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    1. Yes it is the most difficult lesson for me too…and it is still happening everyday of our life…
      Thanks a lot Tatjana dear…
      All is well thanks God..
      Wish u all the best…
      Keep writing and inspiring…

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