8 thoughts on “Vence Vocarelli(Another story).

  1. Hi Soheir.. for every Human
    requires a story as narrative
    of tradition that
    Holds them
    And sadly
    some people
    turn to dARk binds
    even criminality
    and gangs
    Misery Loves
    company and great
    it is that this young man
    turned away from a tradition
    of Gang Crime and as he finds
    a better answer in the Religion
    of Islam.. to bind.. nice to have Good endings
    in other stories too.. my FriENd Soheir.. Happy Friday
    as your
    comes to
    end as rest..:)

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  2. Yes Fred…happy endings are great ..
    I always feel happy to hear ur comments ….thank u so much dear friend…wish u a happy week end too…with smiles and a lot of joy…keep writing,dancing and smiling.


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