Some other quotes!! 

Before I paste the quotes I will repeat it again. 

I am here not to make people change to Islam. 

I am here just to defend Islam as much as I can. 

Be happy!! 


26 thoughts on “Some other quotes!! 

  1. عندما تتعامل بطيبة وحسن نية
    لا تحزن اذا لم يقدر احدهم منك ذلك
    فليست كل القلوب تنبض بنقاء
    وليست كل الارواح علي وضوء

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  2. I went through your post, found it deeply and profound. Well shared . Yeah the happiness comes for oneself when we follow Allah’s instructions for what he mentioned in the holy Quran. Following his instruction is the way for achieving happiness and taste of Iman. The fear is a way to keep ourselves from committing passive things to ourselves and others alike. Love doing to others what we love to ourselves. Great post enlightenment you light up in here, um abdo ❤️👍

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