Poets and poetry …

Poetry…poetry…poetry..i love poetry!!

My father is a poet and he published a book or two.

My younger sister is a poet…she published abook and her second book is in the markets now..she is about to be famous …i am proud of her.

I can not say I am a poet but u can write a poem and i can complete it (arabic only ).

I was lucky to follow some genious poets here in wordpress and enjoy what they write…they r all wonderful whether in arabic or in English .

As u know my blog is about Qoran.

What Qoran  is saying about poets..let’s see!

( And the Poets ,It is those straying in evil,Who follows them : 

Seest thou not that they wander distracted in every valley ?

And that they say what they practise not ?

Except those who believe , work righteousness ,engaged much in the remembrance of God, and defend themselves after they are unjustly attacked.

And soon will the unjust know what vicissitudes their affairs will take !)

Best wishes !!!!


32 thoughts on “Poets and poetry …

    1. Hello Chris!!!
      Yes, we r the family of arts.
      My other, sister is a, drawer.. She can, draw people as, if it is taken, by, a, camera…
      I am only a fan at that, family….

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  1. Kudos! Is there any online copy available on internet?? If yes, paste it here with the name of their poetry books. Hence, i will check it out, i might buy one if the content is stunning. 😂😂! Sorry i know it is so worthy to read , i am sure. 😉. Yeah i believe that poetry is a great technique to express whats rounding deep ourselves, a poet uses poetry as a tool to convey sensations, feelings, , history and thoughts to people. Nice to know something about your family, feeling blessed! Thank you for sharing this around. Um Abdo! Have a nice day 🌹

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      1. It was my pleasure to say the truth. 😊! But i am wondering why i am not able to open the browser, got some difficulties while opening the link, as it cant be opened. Is there any link you could provide here instead?! Sorry for the bad news😞

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    1. Oh thank u so much, Charly.. That is so kind of u to see me as smart.. I am just a simple person.
      U r really a genious poet and u have a great sense of humour in ur writing.
      Keep smiling and writing!!


  2. Another great post ….You say your not a poet but you are a good person and a great writer that provides love from your ❤️ we were all made in the image of God male and female to understand each other and bring Peace and Love into the world you do just that with your posts … ⭐️🙏😊👍

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    1. Oh such a heart touching comment Ian….thank u so much…u made my day indeed!!
      I want also to thank u for the reblog of my posts…it means a lot to me my friend.
      God bless ur steps !!

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