The silence of the world killed them :'(:-(

I will just put some photos of some moslems around the world now  and u judge by your eye !!

In Palastine and in Minamar(Porma) and the rest will come in sha Allah !!


45 thoughts on “The silence of the world killed them :'(:-(

  1. Rabena yent2em meno7om. Honestly how can anyone do that? Inshallah a day will come in which Palestine is free. It angers me so much how little coverage is put towards the Palestinian crisis. are these not acts of terrorism? Apparently not according to western media

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  2. Moslem politicians all over the world are cowards and hypocrites …most of them !!
    Thank u so much dear friend for taking the time to visit and comment !!
    God bless u !!!

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  3. I agree! Killing their own people for financial benefit! It’s okay! I love your posts, I would appreciate it if you could visit my page, as I discuss similar things to you. Rabena ye7meeki!

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  4. Of course insha Allah I will visit ur blog and discuss many things with u…i think we will be good friends God willing !!
    Thanks again dear and best wishes ♡♥♡♡

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  5. Allahummangsur ikhwanana al muslimina fi falestin, fi syuriah, fi syam wa fi ayyu makanin kaanaa.

    We may sad but they are happy insyallah… In the Jannah :’)

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  6. Well said Poet Rummager !!
    I hope the world help stopping such acts !!
    Thank u so much dear freind!
    Have a good evening in US!!

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  7. Dear brother Soheir,
    We wish to use your much liked platform to convey our message. We are listeners for the troubled Ummah. Whatever be your worry, have a muslim to hear you, without fear.Relate to us your issue and we will try our best for help (in return for your du’a). 🙂
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    Share with anyone you know who is going through tough time. May Allah reward you.
    Muslims-Global Team
    [A word for help]

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  8. This type of persecution goes back to biblical times and stoning of a people’s for none other than either financial as today or religious beliefs tainted by the few …Not the many and l see these as the dark times and this time the anti-Christ and this end is mankind ….Adolf Hitler was the last real one and eventually we go full circle back to Adam disobeying God and leading to crucifixion and man deciding to do away with needing God with the words … Let the blood of our children’s children be up on our heads and six 6 generations later we reach the beginning of the end with Sons & Daughters of Light against the Sons & Daughters of Darkness … These events depicted are just brother fighting brother as Jesus said … I find it difficult to like these pictures but my like is that we have to let people know ….But l have added Graphic Imagres on the reblog and shared on Ace News Desk not to offend …Hope that’s ok God Bless …Ian Amen 🙏

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