Christians in Egypt !!

In the last few months ,some churches were bombed and attacked violently in my country Egypt !

The time of those attacks was in the christian feasts :'(!!

I felt ashamed indeed,those terrorists who made the attacks are just ignorant people …their brains are filled with rubbish…they know nothing about Islam and Koran…

In this video Egyptian Christians are celebrating with moslems in Adha eid…they r singing a love song…they say that they love moslems..and that moslems and christians can repaire the damaged churches together !

I want to say that in those terroristic events…not only christians were killed..but also a number of moslems were killed…because we share christians in their celebrations and the police officers and soldiers outside churches are moslems and were killed also after the bombs!

Terrorism is not islamic indeed…it is wears several masks…mostly political masks…to divide people and separate them…

The result of terrorism is that moslems are persecuted and killed all over the world !

Pray for peace of the world !!!

Let’s watch the video !!


31 thoughts on “Christians in Egypt !!

  1. Hello, I am Egyptian and I also feel totally ashamed of how some people are trying to divide muslims and Christians despite the fact that we have lived in peace together for hundreds of years. Inshallah we can defeat these acts of division, and we will always remain united!!!

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  2. Nicely put, following to our beliefs, we should not hate any other people due to their race, sex, and religion. We are all humans created by almighty Allah. Therefore, let them live in peace, as they have rights to live in muslims’ countries peacefully. However, Propaganda has been invented to make apartheid between people. When we there is a Lack of knowledge will increase the misunderstanding between both parties, furthermore struggles and killings will be increase inevitably. Hope people should dig deeply in islam. Because the solution is there to end this evil phenomenon. Great post, om abdo with well clarification.

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    1. Yes Hussein dear as u. mentioned people should dig deeply in Islam…this is the solution for all prolems in our societies !!
      Thank u so much Hussein for being part of my post !!
      Have a great Friday !!

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      1. Hope they can give little attention for what it has mentioned in holy Quran. Being too far away from following the principles of islam. Ignorance and arrogant people will be spread like epidemic and it will then hardly be treated professionally. Have great friday, om abdo😊

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      1. Thank u so much Tatjana…ur words touched my heart deeply!!
        God bless u !
        I learned a lot from u as a philosopher and as a professional writer…keep going dear sis !!!

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