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I don’t care what anyone’s religion is.
I don’t care if they are not religious.
I don’t care what colour anyone is.
I don’t care what their nationality is.
I don’t care what their sexuality is.
I don’t care if they have two heads and are called Noddy.

When I was young I went to church regularly, but I am no longer religious. I follow blogs written by people with different religious backgrounds and beliefs. Although I do not share their beliefs, the faith they have in their individual religions is commendable. I respect them and like what they have to say.

Similarly, I follow blogs by people from numerous countries that I been interacting with for a few years. I have even bonded with people who speak a different language from me. Their colour or nationality is irrelevant, they are good people and that is all that matters.


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35 thoughts on “I HATE – HATE CRIME

  1. Whoa! I’ve fallen in love with this philosophy – the philosophy of equality and freedom of speech, and regarsds for everyone’s individuality. What a great post!

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  2. The Arabic language it’s easy amazing language
    It’s the language of Holi Quran
    And it’s the language of people in heaven
    May Allah make me and you from Heaven people
    And may Allah protect me and you from hell

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  3. Homework done soheir. اللغة العربية لغة سهلة ورائعة
    هى لغة القران الكريم ولغة اهل الجنة
    جعلنا الله واياكم من اهل الجنة
    ووقانا واياكم من النار

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  4. Hhhhh
    Well done Aquib!!
    But if u said make us all
    Not make me and u
    Cause the Duaa here is for all not just two!!
    Thank u Aquib!!


  5. السفر يعلمنا اشياء كثيرة وكما يقولون فى السفر سبع فوائد
    Next homework insha Allah !!


  6. I had one but i forgot the password
    I will make one insha Allah and tell u
    Mothers minds are always divided into many pieces
    So pardon me Aquib
    My children take most of my mind…that is why my memory is weak !!
    Good luck Aquib!!


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