Fear of God in Islam !!

Some of Islam haters accuse Islam as the religion of fear !

First of all thank u for thinking bad of us !

Second I will explain fear of God in a simple way to be understood quickly and easily !!

Fear of God is love of God …yes it means love and only love !!

I will give u a simple example :

When u fell in love with someone;  u find urself begins to love the things he loves ..u find urself trying to be away from the things he does not like…ur r not losing ur identity of course…but u r  trying to make him content !

I do the same with my God !

I know that God  does not like cheating ,liers,alcohol drinking,stealing,killing innocent people ,injustice ….etc…

So i will avoid these bad deeds because i have fear inside myself that if I do these bad things my God will be discontent and of course i love him and i want him to be contented !

Also i do the good things he ordered me to do for the same reason such as prayers ,poor dues ,pilgrimage (if i can ) ,forgiving people who are injust ,fasting ….etc!​

So fear equals love.

Islam is the religion of love and not hatered !

I hope that my message reached u !

Have a great day !

71 thoughts on “Fear of God in Islam !!

  1. SMiLes.. mY FriEnd Soheir.. for
    Beauty is in the eye
    of the
    and the Beholder’s
    eye of the Painting
    and surely God is both
    all and more as God is all..
    as you say Allah my friEnd..
    Words are Paintings and metaphors
    same as words attempt to express essence
    now of all that is.. Arabic is a more nuanced
    Language for fear for the Quran by itself now
    with a total of about 2000 words of Vocabulary
    held in about 80K words has 10 Arabic words for fear
    that mean very different essences of the Emotional
    And more Concrete World at Hand.. Words include
    as translated from Arabic.. Wajf that is a fear mixed
    with discomfort.. Shaq as a fear someone else will
    harm someone one loves.. Ru’b.. where someone
    is so terrified they lose their reason.. Rahb.. where
    one stays vigilant and does their best
    not to harm someone they love.. Wajl..
    a fear that penetrates the heart
    that makes one tremble..
    Wajas.. when one hears
    news that makes
    them scared
    that they
    also hide now from
    others.. Raa’a.. when
    one startles someone
    out of nowhere and also
    respect combined with fear..
    Hadthr.. to escape a danger
    that alarms one where
    one is aware of
    potential harm..
    Taqwa.. to do good to
    protect oneself from harm..
    Khushoo.. where a scare not only
    penetrates the heart but one through
    body language non-verbally becomes still
    And bows/cowers in as submission for harm they see..
    Khashyah is when one is reverent for the consequences
    of potential harm and uses a priori knowledge to avoid
    that harm in consequence ways.. Khawf as a final example
    of fear as when one sees the potential consequences of harm
    in physical ways and protects themselves from that
    harm.. and consequences now.. and smiles it’s not
    surprising that you see fear as Reverence
    for what you Love and Respect as that
    kind of fear surely fits the parameters
    of several of the Arabic words
    for fear here my Dear
    FriEnd Soheir.. thing
    is my friend.. not everyone
    sees the painting of words as you
    do and of course the same applies to
    me and us and we and them and i too..
    for again Words are Paintings and Beauty
    Lives in the eYe of the Beholder of as Love and
    Hope or the other more common English Definition
    in modern days that is literally trembling and frozen
    limbs of weak.. sure.. generalized anxiety too.. panic attacks..
    PTSD and many more terms ‘they’ use in the Field of Psychiatry
    and talk therapy in Psychology too away from drugs mainly Anxiety
    ones enhanced the same way as alcohol to take stress and fears
    away in hopes of
    again to
    more Pro-Social
    Human Happy Emotions
    NoW whEre God OF Nature
    is pleased within us Naked Free from
    the illusions of fears that culture often
    brings.. thing is my friend too.. An idea of original
    sin is a myth as science surely shows for those who
    are born healthy at least with human empathy now..
    as the baby sees the other baby crying and gets sad
    and the baby sees the other baby and smiles in symphony
    and orchestra way if there is more than one baby involved
    in this happy state of being human now holding
    Hands that say Love and Hope more
    than Fear and Hate where
    the scared of potential
    Harm we are born
    with is largely
    limited to
    loud sounds
    and falling from
    heights.. the rest of the
    fears are largely learned and
    with potential to be unlearned too..
    for those of we who live in a constant
    state of weaker fear being.. somewhere between
    fight of fists in anger to trembling and cowering to
    the floor inside and outside above so below and all around
    too where some folks can hide the fear from others too and just
    in the
    pain of
    a misery
    now loves
    company soup.. within..
    Fear is the Father of Anger
    and namely hate.. for those who see
    a God of Fear by very Nature it is an illusion my friend..
    sadly some folks see their entire lives like that and in doing
    so they
    as fear as the
    same kind of
    fear that makes us
    frozen.. the kinda fear
    that requires a six pack of
    beer to even feel something
    normal oF Fearless Happy Child again..
    but when we are in balance God Lives Happy
    within as a tear is a gift too.. in grief to generate Happy
    Connecting FeeLinGs in connection with otHerS AGAin.. too..
    And a laugh and a smile between each other makes another and
    another Happy Connection of God coMe to be as real.. at Church
    this last Sunday.. i wore a shirt that is a Very Big Angry Red Emoticon
    that says “Hangry’.. the anger one has when one is very Hungry and
    there is no food anywhere to gain.. and this is true when folks live
    in real life scarcity like this for survival purposes they are more ready
    to fight to gain a little bit of a bite to even eat.. but you see when i wore the
    shirt already known as the only always Happy Metro Public Dancer in this entire
    area it becomes a funny shirt ’cause Fred never gets angry as Fred has no illusory
    fears about life any more and Dancing is what little children who are fearless
    do too..
    NoW iN
    front of
    as God Dances
    within too.. and sure
    you can hear them often
    cooing in song too babbling
    in Happiness and everyone knows
    what they mean if they are even normal
    human beings now nice and healthy within
    the bounds of Joy Loves Company Life.. thing
    is no matter what the words say in any book
    my Friend
    iT TiS
    A Child
    who Dances
    and Sings wHo
    is and has the NoW
    Most favor with God
    And that’s why i do what i do my
    friend for it simply works.. while
    this writing provides my Happy Feet
    an opportunity to rest until Fearless Love Dances aGaiN..
    if everyone dances and sings rarely will there be any illusory
    fears as
    and hate..
    but still misery
    particularly loves
    company when sitting still..
    Move Connect Create.. it’s what hUmans and God
    do as above so below inside outside and all around now FEARLESS..:)


    1. Hello Fred!
      I do not know what to say !
      But it seems clearly to me that u hate islam a lot
      You hate prophet Mohammad a lot
      Why do u visit my blog Fred????
      To make a change through me !
      I am not an idiot Fred !
      If u want to fight with ur pen
      Fight in ur blog …not in my blog
      I am hear to teach people islam and Koran which i love so much !!
      One day i saw u as a friend …….
      Our ways are different sir
      We are not friends
      Your blog is a gorgious theatre
      Put ten lines under the word theatre and u will understand what i mean!!!
      Stop acting
      You are a strong catholic
      U pretend to be a no religion
      I do not hate catholic or any religion in this world……
      But u hate islam
      Please Sir
      Our ways are different
      I do not like passive energy indeed !!!

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      1. sMiLes my FriEnd Soheir.. in any communication
        it helps to clarify and validate what
        is being said for all language
        once again is metaphor
        colored by the
        in all of what
        people do.. i don’t
        hate anything namely
        for i fear nothing illusory and experience
        very rarely any anger at all therefore
        i do not hate Islam nor do i hate
        the Prophet Muhammad for
        one to learn and understand
        other differences of
        opinions one
        the best they can now all
        in reciprocal communication..
        there is no anger here expressed
        or fear or hate expressed no exclamation
        points no accusations for what you do feel
        or do not feel for i clearly am agreeing with
        your statement on now how you see fear in the Koran
        and if all did like you do that would be a wonderful thing..
        as far as fear goes.. and a book is and a prophet is only as good
        as the absence of fear and hate
        and unconditional smart
        and fearless love in
        the spirit
        and hope
        the book and
        the prophet will
        actually bring in terms
        of acts of love far reaching
        beyond words alone that’s why i dance
        my friend for Dance cannot be confused
        for fear and hate.. and anger too.. just peace
        here my friend and no i am no Catholic by books..
        i practice my religion of Love in Dance everywhere
        i go.. if you do not understand the metaphors i bring
        of Peace and Hope and Love and due discernment as
        naturally required to reach understanding all i can do is
        try if you
        care to
        if not
        that is your
        will my friend
        for i will not to change
        anything at all about you..
        as i have consistently showed
        you great love in words and if it is
        a page or a word or a man or a book
        of old that is more important than love than that is your will
        my friend and nothing i can do to change that as that is all
        you and
        God and
        whatever other
        pages or people
        intercede and join
        hands with you for that
        otherwise best wishes my
        friend.. i came here to understand
        how you feel.. i already understand books of history
        and quite frankly i far from hate them after reading
        them so many times they get boring.. so i join hands with God and do more..:)


  2. Alhamdulilah that we were born in the bliss of islam. As Islam encourages us to avoid all passive stuff, which it will destroy us. All of these passive things have been prohibited for a purpose. We could find that nothing came for absurd. All put rightly with a goal left behind it. As Our love to Allah and his prophet Mohammed ( peace upon him) is the one which it prevents us to stay away from all bad habits for the sake of staying healthy and energetic. Thanks for sharing, Um Abdo. And have a great day. 🌹❤️

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  3. Great post ….I was lucky enough a while ago to read the Koran and l am an ardent knowledge person …. I find very few people under Islam … Or anyone that does or does not understand believe in God or Allah …. If all we could all do is just ….Love our neighbour whatever religion, or belief people are ….but so seldom do people take time and trouble to learn about God ….And 🙏🙏🏿for someone else instead of ourselves is a good first step Amen

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    1. Amen!
      You are right Ian…everyone should take a step to understand what is brotherhood and humanity….we should live as one even of our religions are different…
      I am grateful to ur concern Ian….thank u so much dear for the reblog and comment….
      God bless u!!!!

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  4. Hello, I was reading through this post and I was wondering if you would consider taking your time to have a look at a book written about human rights in Islam and provide me with some feedback? Please let me know if that interests you.

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    1. Isis is not Islam believe me… Islam is peace and only peace… I love Jesus peace be, upon him prophet of God the Almighty, Allah.
      Thank u for, the comment though our views r different.

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