When non muslims visit my blog some of them want to learn new things about Qoran and Islam !!

Today I will speak about how Qoran deals with sarcasm !

I am not speaking about positive sarcasm like that used by poets and authors in thier books ,poems,movies…no…I am speaking about people who are mocking others and think that this is funny !

This is not funny indeed .

look at this verse in Qoran 

God says[ O ye who believe ! Let not some men among you laugh at others : It may be that The ( latter) are better than the (former):Nor let some women laugh at others : It may be that the (latter) are better than the ( former):Nor defame nor be sarcastic to each other ,Nor call each other by (offensive) nicknames:seeming is a name connoting wickedness,(to be used of one )after he has believed : And those who do not desist are indeed doing wrong .]Al hujurat 11
Mutual ridicule ceases to be fun when there is arrogance or selfishness or malice behind it . We may laugh with people , to share in the happiness of life :we must never laugh at people in contempt or ridicule . In many things they may be better than ourselves !!
Have a good day dear friends!!!


40 thoughts on “Sarcasm 

  1. HOlding BeYonD INFiNiTieS in the Palms of our Hands.. SOHEIR
    Seeing Hearing all of existence as God in as A GRain of Sand..
    i’m not the first one by far to relate
    this para-phrase as metaphor
    for we all para-phrase
    Essence of
    what is
    in Words
    of what we hope
    to relate as consensuAlly
    understood realiTy.. as we are all
    Different yet sAMe we are one essence from the
    origin of all that is as even science shows we
    all originate from star dust too and
    yes return as star dust too
    aS even in metaphors
    of what older biblical
    in human
    innate instinct and
    intuition from what is
    plain to see and hear for
    those who have eyes and ears
    that and who can see God in a Grain
    of Sand and less and in more than one
    can see and hear in all of eternity that and
    who exists now beyond Infinity.. God is Divinity
    God is Love.. Love is Divinity to Give and Share that
    Love is the HiGHeST Principle for those wHo Can and
    WiLL See and Hear God as Divinity of Love is and make that
    Energy aS Positive Synergy of Human LiGht in all the Bio-Chemical-
    Electrical Force of Human Being in every cell of one’s Body that NoW as
    Science sHows too makes virtually the Number of Stars in the Universe
    in a Quadrillion or so connections that with our relative will we NoW liGHT
    uP ToGeTheR as Positive
    LiGHT to Shine
    And Give and Share
    Or GroW Dim Away
    From Will and Strength
    oF Hope and Love’s Grace in Joy
    As A Company of Being Human NoW
    Traveling to that other place away from
    Heaven on Earth to Negative
    dARK to Dim and Take
    and Hoard in Fear
    and Hate
    Loves Company or
    Misery seeking to raise
    itself up by ridiculing those who
    walk as plain clothes Good Cops of Love..
    Guardians of that entire ‘Galaxy’ ‘Universe’
    and Beyond Infinities as Love held uP in Palms
    of Hands that and who Become Beyond Infinity
    Standing taLL as the number 8 in a Spiral of Love that never ends.. NoW
    no distance space or time.. siMply NoW Beyond Infinity as Divinity of Love..
    It’s hard my friend standing tall seeing people sinking in that other place
    often unwitting beings in hell on earth.. Karma is real NoW the arm of God
    Plays by Nature.. tHeRE is no escaping the reality of Love and
    Hate the real place of Heaven or Hell on eARTh wHeRe
    our relative free wills have much to SinG
    And More Important what aLL thAT iS
    to DancE
    to BeCoME LoVE
    NoW Divinity Standing
    taLL and protecting Love
    as a Good Cop Jesus and Buddha..
    Lao Tzu and as you DancESinG Muhammad
    for those who see as a man of love in your view
    that sadly many people cannot see that way..
    same goes for folks in the USA who follow
    and make themselves as examples of the
    Bad Cop version Jesus in acts as
    truly evil as putting
    in the
    oF Fear/Hate Gods
    as men in Revelation
    in Verse 15 of Chapter
    66 by Isaiah in the King
    James Version of a Bible that
    says and i quote as randomly Katrina
    was reading it the other day with Yellow
    Boy and i took a picture as i did when she
    read Verse 53 and 44 and 22.. just passing
    her by in her chair.. as sure.. God speaks as Love
    through us in that Old Testament too for eyes and ears
    that/who see and hear the Divinity of Love Joy verses the other
    ink blot test
    of Fear
    who see God
    as a Divinity oF Fear and Hate
    as oxymoron as that sounds and
    sees to me some folks Do See God as Fear and Hate..

    “15 For, behold, the Lord will come with fire, and with his chariots like a whirlwind, to render his anger with fury, and his rebuke with flames of fire.”

    The most evil of real men will use this verse
    to threaten the life of otHeRs with Death
    no restraint
    as the Divinity
    of God that
    and who
    Joy within who
    And that WiLL NeVeR
    Dance or Sing Words like this.. in other
    words.. the lesSon is that is not God that is a
    very small man WITH NO DIVINITY.


    God don’t need nuclear bombs for God has bigger
    tools than that in arms of Karma..
    It’s kinda
    we reap
    what we sow
    it’s the way of
    Nature and the way
    of God sAMe and as far
    as the USA goes now
    not looking
    in the long run
    oF Fear and Hate verses now the only
    Potential for Nike Victory is to JusT Do/Be Love..
    for that to happen people who really stand up for God
    as Love Will have to stand up and truly ridicule/rebuke Fear and Hate..
    as Misery with an understanding of what the source of that Fear
    and Hate in Misery is as A Garden of Love not adequately
    watered and fed..
    the only
    in all the forms
    it comes now my friend.. Fear and Hate..
    even more so ‘they’ will literAlly have to beCoMe
    God as Divine Love standing tall.. NoW
    of ‘that’
    Galaxy and
    BeYond UniVerse MeaSureS..
    And iNFiniTy As Love Standing tALL 8..
    It doesn’t bother me when people ridicule me..
    NoW as i have been polished by the fire/fury oF Fear and Hate
    as an
    instrument of
    the only God i kNow NoW
    FeeL and SeNSE.. THE God That’s/wHo’s LOVE.. all thaT/wHo is…
    Worthy of Thanks Praise and Worship in all the ClotHeS God Wears..
    as is Love.. Be..
    NoW of LiVinG
    Sand thaT/wHo lives
    iN and as the pAlms
    oF mY Hands..
    RiSinG aLwaYs
    uP as LiVinG LifELovELiGHTNoW..:)

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    1. The only God i know now feel and sense the God that is /who ‘s love ..all that /who is ..worthy of thanks praise and worship in all the clothes God wears ..
      Great !
      God bless u Fred !
      Thanks a lot dear friend and bro !!
      Send my greetings to Catie …God bless her !
      Have a great day !!


      1. All My PleaSure.. mY FriEnd
        SOHEIR.. alWays
        Great to see
        and hear
        heaR.. Love
        To You and Your Children
        WitH BliSsings BlesSingS too..
        Happy Monday Evening to you too..
        only NoW
        a week
        a way
        to a Solar
        Eclipse theN
        Here iN tHe U.S..
        Every pART oF GoD
        FuLL oF Purpose Meaning
        Holy and Sacred for uS to
        FeeL and SenSe and KNoW aS LoVE NoW
        As We CaN WiLL Create our Lives as Love WitH GOD..
        NoW As
        NoW oF
        LoVE FReED
        Yes.. Sister FRiEnD too..
        i am your Brother NoW YaH..
        And Nah.. You ain’t HeaVy.. YOU’rE LiGHTrUE..:)

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      1. Thanks makes it all worthwhile … Comments like that ..just setting up publishing panel and revamping my featured writers news room … If you want to write just let me know and l will publish for you … Take a look if you want at site it’s at AceNewsRoom.WordPress.Com and Breaking News is at AceBreakingNews.WordPress.Com … As always Ian 🙏

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  2. Great post .. We say Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit … Personally l am not one of them … But people use sarcasm to cover up the inability to explain what they really do not understand … Me I just 🙏 to God .. As he is the word and always when l need it .. He provides the way Amen

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  3. Yes Ian dear friend there is positive sarcasm which is used as a way out of our daily troubles….but of course pasive sarcasm is refused !!!
    Thank u so much dear friend …have a great day !!!


  4. Dear friend, I been living Jordan among Muslims for the last ten years. Before then? I don’t recall ever coming close to a Muslim faithful. What is the first thing I came across when I met with the faithful? The amazing respect for our Creator and love for me. Real and practical kind of love.

    I am not any longer into religion. The Almighty Creator separated me into His service for the benefit of all His created children. This separation came from Him, therefore, since it happened I have come to see clearly that His words are written in all the religious and many non-religious books there are.

    His written words are His love letter to us. Unfortunately, there is an enemy of our souls who is in control right now for a purpose that none of us quite understand. The purpose of the enemy is to destroy us at any cost. With the foods we eat. With the good we learn. With our beliefs. But most especial with our minds.

    Because of that, the enemy has managed to corrupt the written words and use them to saw hate among us. One religion claims one way. the other religion claims the same thing only a different way. The result? Total chaos, hate, evil of all kinds extinguishing what could have been only love.

    What to do? By my own experience? Quit the quest for others or ourselves to do good. Turn to the Almighty and begin to find out about ourselves. Why am I doing this? Why am I angry? Why I feel like killing this one that so insulted me! Who am I? On and on I have questioned my Creator, and! He has satisfied and harmonized all the inharmonious circumstances in my life.

    Now, on my daily interchange you will not hear me quoting Scriptures. Such quotes cause much controversy. Anyhow whenever I give an answer from my heart to any one? they exclaim, “You read the Koran!” Thus, I realize that the words in my heart are not only written in the Scriptures, but! In the Koran and in the Torah and in all versions of the Bible. Only the human mind interpret those words according to the understanding programmed in the human mind of each person in all countries.

    In my writings, I quote the Scriptures extensible. Why? Because those Scriptures have become alive within my heart. They are no longer something that I read and apply to others. Nay! As the Sacred Spirit writes those words in my heart, my being is transformed into a genuine human being. I no longer have to strive to please the Creator or mankind. Because of His love my love for my Creator becomes a passion. Then that passion is transferred to me and to my neighbor. I love with the power of His love and wisdom from on high. It never fails. It always avails!

    Why are you blogging this matter? Why am I blogging it as well? Because of that power of His love and wisdom from on high. He is now bringing to pass His plan to restore us to the original intent for our creation. It is not our faulty faith. It is all His faithfulness to give us that measure of faith to listen to Him and abide by His commandments of love. So glad I read your posts and the comments. 🙂

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    1. I am so glad sir to read ur comment and so much for ur visit my blog …i appreciate ur preciouse time here ….thanks again and have a great day dear friend 🙂


      1. Really? I was not aware of that. I receive your comment before, just was getting to reply to you.

        BTW? I am not a SIR. I am a Lady. lol Perhaps my picture does not show in your blog? That could also be the problem with the comments. And you? Are you a SIR or a Lady? I wonder.

        Please, let me know when you get this reply. 🙂

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      2. I see what you mean. We are commenting in your blog. I don’t get many comments in my blog. I din’t know why. I will investigate the matter. I am sorry.

        And no, don’t be sorry about the lady thing–lol I think is funny. I had it happen before. Guess this is a ‘man’s world. We automatically think ‘man’. I also thought you were a man. That’s why I opted to say, ‘My Friend’ to be safe. Clever, ain’t I? lol

        Please, do forgive me if any of my not so clever remarks offend you. I mean to be funny not hurtful. 🙂

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      3. No u are a nice laday indeed !!
        I am pleased to meet u !
        I hope u will go to the settings in ur blog and allow the comment box to work !!
        Thank u so much dear sis and friend !!!


      4. You have not fixed it yet
        Take ur time and tomorrow in sha Allah i will check ur blog and tell u when the comment box appears to me !!
        God bless u dear !!


      5. The new WordPress is totally different about allowing comments, that’s the problem. I was not aware of. Thanks for mentioning it. I am working on it. Check it tomorrow if you may, please. 🙂

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