Vacation 2

Peace be unto u everyone ..

How have u been my friends..?

I want to apologize to u because I may not be able to like and comment on ur posts for a month or more or less…

My exams will be on the 21st of July..

I have to pay more attention on my studies.

When I come back God willing I will check all ur posts.

I will miss u a lot!

Forget me not!





48 thoughts on “Vacation 2

    1. Friend, who I only know through WordPress, but friend all the same: God bless you and keep you. I hope you do well in your exams, but as someone who teaches in a university I just want to say: exams matter, but they are not everything. What really matters is how we live in this world, how we ARE to others. You know that, I know that: it is easy to forget! And when you return to your blog, I will be glad for your return. Take care.

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      1. Yes Richard exams are not everything in life.
        Our relations to others is more important!
        Such a touching comment !
        Thank u so much my dear friend.
        Have a good day!!☺🤗

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  1. Aslam Aleikum, Om Abdo!

    Do focus on your exams, it’s the best the way you do , looking for your future is much better than anything useless, it’s the time to continue you education, I believe that you gonna have tension and stress due to your concentration while studying, I experienced that before , but you have to believe that hard moments never be forgotten, once you done and get succeeded inshallah, all that passive burdens which I count it positive because it’s connected to our success . All I have to say that we gonna miss you for a while, however I am thinking to do the same technique what you did , I will post later something concern to this , because I am going to be so busy too. Good Luck, Om Abdo🌹🌹

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      1. Thank you so much for the encouragement that you have given to me, Om Abdo. See you inshallah. Btw, i will be on leave too. Consequently, posted a letter now, if you would to take the chance to have a look on it. I imitated you, saw it useful way to announce my leaving in wp

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      2. Got your note on that post, thank you, may Allah grant you all happiness and success inshallah, om abdo. Thanks for the good idea which I followed in my blog, notified them all by a leave letter, it’s effective way thank you for that👍

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  2. SMiLes.. My friEnd SOHEIR.. i aM
    so glad you offer yourself Flowers
    for your accomplishments continuing
    in School of the University kind in your
    Arabic studies there.. A Beautiful Language
    it is and
    Be to
    God i
    Do Love
    Arabic Numerals
    so much that i see
    each and everyone as
    a reflection of God and
    the Order that is also
    pART Ocean WhOle
    of GoD aLL
    thAT is
    this year of
    2017 added
    together for
    10 and without
    the Zero as a Number
    1 Arabic Number Year..
    To make all of LiFe Holy
    and Sacred FuLL of Meaning
    and Purpose is to Tespect this
    Gift as Miracle oF Life that we
    DancE and SinG NoW WitH
    Words of Poetry too..
    or just
    a word
    and all powerful
    as Love my FriENd.. you
    See.. Love is not random.. Love
    is full of holy and sacred meaning
    and purpose that we create with each
    otHeR Stronger and more Powerful a Force
    all 7 BiLLioN PoTEnTiaL of uS when WE get to
    DanceSinG A Chorus of Love Respecting the Biggest
    FloWeR oF aLL mY FriEnd thAT is the whOle oF
    GoD aLL thaT is and the beauty that we too
    are paRt and ParcEL.. A Reflection oF the
    FloWeR oF GoD oN eARTh Terrestrial
    Plane NoW as we DancE
    And SinG
    sKeYes More..
    i have 100 percent
    Faith and Hope/LoVe that eventuAlly
    everyone WiLL see the GoD oF LoVe
    as FloWeR of both Beauty and Wise
    My Kind and Industrious FriEnd
    SOHEIR as you continue to
    Single Parent your
    Lovely Children
    in Egypt
    yes.. my Mother
    went to University
    later with US and we
    all Graduated in 1983..
    i have Great Respect for Single
    Mothers who do it all now.. true
    you will never be alone single as
    LonG aS LovELives as yoU/God TrUE LiGht aS LOVEALLONE
    Best of Fortune to you for you Break for School mY FriEnd…
    God WiLLinG oF Nature i WiLL be heAR WaiTinG for you when
    you come back aGaiN..

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    1. :-):-)
      Thanks a lot Fred dear friend for ur nice encouragining words ….
      I am a simple person and I do not have the art of expressing all I want to say….but I can say is that ( God bless u Fred and ur family… keep dancing and is really good with good friends..thanks again!!♧♣♧♣♧♣:-)

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  3. Oh thank u so much my friend Didi
    I will be back within a month God willing and I will make a post about nominations
    Thanks again😚😁😊


    1. Thank u so much poet Rummager !!
      Your comment makes me happy indeed!
      My exams are good uptill now !
      I hope to finish my exams quickly and safely !!
      Thanks again and have a great day !!!

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