Do not blame me!!!

Try to find an excuse for me!!I meanfor everyone…


21 thoughts on “Do not blame me!!!

  1. sMiLes.. mY FriEnd.. SOHEIR
    on this 25th Day
    of June
    and the Video
    You Provide heAr
    is my Favorite so far
    as it speaks to what Holds
    Love Back from expanding more
    the most and that is a Lack of ‘Reason’
    in Understanding the Differences in all of
    Creation that are also the sAMe.. in otHeR
    Words tHeRE are no aliens or immigrants
    or colors of skin or age or gender
    or sexual orientations or
    disabilities or
    and all other Differences
    Melt away as we NoW are All Star
    Stuff aLL of Creation NoW we curRently
    See as Stars are FloWeRS of Life jusT
    Waiting to Explode and Pollinate the
    UniVersE wHole with More Seeds of
    LiFe From Crucible Fire oF Star
    Burst Death which in reALiTy
    is jUST the BeGiNninG
    PoTenTiaL oF LifE
    including our
    MY friENd
    as Star DuST
    Gaseous Clouds
    we come from and
    return as Sentient StAR
    duST STanDinG plUS HuMaNs
    NoW STiLL WiTh the LiGht oF
    ALL CreATioN that is GoD LiVinG
    within the sKiN of our Temples of God
    that is our Flesh and Blood and Bones
    And moreover our heArT and SpiriT and
    MiNd and BoDy BaLanCinG SoUL thAT NoW
    and wHo wE FeeL and SeNSE aLL oF GoD
    within.. inside.. outside.. above.. so below
    and all around as trUe we are all LiVinG
    Stars now as what yOUr NamE SOHEIR
    Means as both literally and
    metaphorically star
    child now
    alL sAMe
    WaLKinG uPRiGht
    NoW WitH eVen SMiLes
    oF Love translated in
    symbols to share
    aCross the
    oF A HeaVeN oF LoVe
    without a Moon or Sun
    LiT uP WiTh the PoWeR and
    ForCE of MoVinG.. ConNecTinG
    CreATinG hUmaN Love with yes..
    reason of intellect too for the bones
    oF WhaT SuPPorT the FloW oF oUR
    HeaRt and SpiRit NoW moRe FuLLy SoUL..
    So wouldn’t be nice if we really could put on a pair
    of Glasses that would show us not only Emotional
    Contagion of how people FeeL in Affective
    Empathy but also why people FeeL the
    way they do with the ReaSoNinG
    Power and Force
    of Cognitive
    Empathy too..
    for the addict who
    was verbally or physically
    or sexually abused are simply
    and Cruelly Neglected as a Child
    and now even more as screens take
    the place of eYes and arms and otHeR
    Hugs of Warm and Fuzzy touching Love..
    technically Dopamine takes all oxytocin
    comfort away from FeeLinG to the BriM
    oF overFloWinG MoTiVATioN to MoVe
    and ConNecT and Create
    WiTh oTHeRs..
    yes.. iN a
    Free Verse
    DancE and SonG
    oF LiFE iN Flesh and
    Blood away from Books
    and now Screens although
    sure when the communication
    comes from HeART oF Love as
    all text influenced by HeART
    is PoeTry NoW and
    aLL the imaGes
    we take
    including sELfies
    NoW are Flavored as
    ART of HUmAN heART
    aS PoETry beCoMes Words
    WiTh heART and DancE beCoMes
    MoVinG WiTh HeART and iN DoinG So
    wE haVE the beTTeR Opportunity to oPen
    uP our HeARTs and try to Communicate and
    Understand Differences Better to Develop a Much
    Greater Human Intelligence of EmoTioN in Cognitive
    Empathy NoW.. but nah.. no symbols alone whether
    shades or words WiLL WoRK aLone unTiL we Open
    the ART of our heARTs aLLoNE to DancE and SinG
    a Bigger Dance and Song oF LifE
    WiTh oTheRS toGETheR
    aWay from Borders
    and Boundaries
    and other
    the DancE
    and SonG oF LiFE
    ToGeTheR DoWn awAy
    from KiNd and Courageous
    Understanding Love NoW.. THiNGs
    iS ARE my friEnd.. NoW tHeRe are many
    more intelligences thaN what is taught
    to us in books of all schools of Life.. tHeRe
    is the Intelligence of Experiencing LiFE iN
    Existential Intelligence Trust of aLL ThAT IS
    in Understanding Ways and the Intelligence
    of MoVinG WiTh ArT iN Physical Intelligence
    as WeLL as Emotional Intelligence that is
    Regulated by the ArT of MoVinG
    DancE and SonG and
    SeNSory InTeLLiGences
    that are also Integrated
    through MoVinG Physical
    Artful Intelligences too..
    Sadly modern
    teach rarely
    all of this..
    and that’s
    the problem my
    friend at core when we
    humans do not exercise all
    of our intelligences relegating
    ourselves more closely too books
    and screens now that exclude so many
    Experiential Intelligences that greater Open
    the HuMaN ArT oF heART and ReaSoNs of Systemizing
    Science BRaiN to make Love Both an Art of FeeLinG SenSinG
    as WeLL as the ReaSoN oF Systemizing Science Brain to Better
    Understand our Differences as hUmans and the Rest of Nature
    too.. as all Seeds GroWinG as FLoWers that is/are STiLL the
    PoTenTiaLs to coMe from the Star Flower thaT shines
    over our Heads in DayLiGht NoW oF LiVinG
    More EnLiGhTeNeD.. not only with
    the TrutHs oF reAsON but
    with the FeeLinG
    and SenSinG
    BriGhter of LoVE
    aS WeLL when we
    fulfill all our hUman
    PoTenTiaLs in GiVinG thanks
    to GoD oF aLL Creation all thaT is
    to Be StronGeR toGeTHeR Away
    from the separation that can come
    from Perceived Differences away
    from the sAMe BAsiC StAR STuFF
    thAT MaKe us PaRT oF wHole God Creation
    NoW.. Takes more than school and books
    my friend takes
    a flesh
    and blood
    Robe oF
    CreaTiNG MoRe
    oPeNly iN LoVinG
    Arms oF isReaL wHeRE
    HearTS and SpTriTs and
    SoUls of MiNd and BoDies
    BaLanCinG ArT and reAsoN
    tOuch witH eYes thaT cOMe
    to KNoW and FeeL and
    SeNSE more for
    the effort
    Hands away
    from fear and hate
    of Differences now..
    as ‘they’ say DancE
    and SinG iT ouT WiTh reAson too..
    Star STuFF we are the sAMe WiTh
    beYond inFiniTE Colors as FloWeRS sAMe..
    ArT and reAsoN FeeLiNG SeNSinG STAnDinG tALL toGeTher NoW..
    YeS.. oNline Does
    hELp to Tear
    Down as we
    Understand thEm
    Better to hOld HandsAMe..:)

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    1. Hi Fred dear friend..i am always happy to see u here and read about your amazing philosophy. ..which is always reflected in ur comments..
      Today was a lovely day…i took my children to the beach …we played together…the weather was fantastic…the air…the mountains..the sand…
      It was a great day indeed!
      Thank u so much Fred dear friend…be happy and keep smiling!!
      :-):-) :-):-)

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  2. Mountains.. Fantastic Weather and Beach
    With Fresh Air and Sand is surELy
    A Connection to all thAT iS
    And GoD Free mY
    FriEnd Soheir..
    Your Children
    too.. So.. Glad You
    Are Close Enough to
    A Beach in Egypt and
    Mountains and Sand
    and Fresh Air too..
    to enjoy
    of GoD thaT
    iS Nature in this
    Way of connecting
    WitH allthatis Free..
    As Nature DancEs and SinGs uS MoRE2..:)

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  3. This thing what we really miss at the moment, being so quick to judge others, even we wouldn’t give a chance for them to talk about their excuses, and what was holding then back , we don’t listen, as we are only following what our mind tells us. Great Share, May Allah bless you and your family too🌹

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    1. Amen !
      Exactly Hussein..and I think it is the main reason for all problems in this world is not to look forexcuses for others!
      Thank u so much Hussein !
      God bless u dear!
      Stay near always!
      Best regards!

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      1. Wa Alaikom al salam Hussein!
        I took my children to Hurgada for the first and second day of eid and we returned today..i am tired but happy because my children are happy.
        Thanks God for everything !
        Thank you Hussein ♧♣♧★♧

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      2. Very good step you did during Eid, love that place with sandy beach and resorts line hotels over there , so much great that place. It seemed you enjoyed a lot with your children, making yourself and your children is a great job, it’s good idea relieve your mind and refresh soul from other past few days. Well Done, Om Abdo!🌹

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      3. Time flies, Ramadan left us first and now the second occasion is leaving us after few hours. Leaving these pleasant days will leave a hole in my heart. Anyway it’s life. اسأل الله العلي العظيم ان يجعل ايامنا و اياكم كلها عيد. 🙂

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      4. It seems that u r a very sensitive romantic person Hussein and that is Great indeed!
        I was the same like but life changed me a lot hehe 🙂
        اللهم امين يا حسين
        ربنا يسعد ايامك ويحقق امنياتك
        دائما اسعد بوجودك هنا
        دمت بخير وبوركت:-)♧♣♧♣♧

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      5. Yeah, you are right. You hit the point exactly about who I am, you start discovering my identity. 🙂. و شكرا على الدعوات الجميلة اللهم امين و اياكم اجمعين و دمتم بالف خير، ام عبدو🌹🌺

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  4. Soheir,

    A truly wonderful lesson, as you say, for everyone, regardless of any other beliefs…

    “It is in the shelter of each other that people live.” — Old Irish Proverb

    Blessed Be, little sister….


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  5. Ηmm it looks like yohr site ate my first comment (іt wwas ѕuper long) so I guess I’ll just sum it upp what
    I had written and sаy, I’m thоroughly enjoying your blog.
    Ӏ too am an aspiring blog writer but I’m stіll new to thee wh᧐le thing.
    Do you have any points for first-time blog writers?
    I’d definitely appreciate it.

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    1. Hello ..pleased to meet you ..thanks for the comment…I suggest that you try to always read as much as you can and make regular visits to your followers wishes dear 🙂


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