How merciful He is!


Some people think that Allah is the God of moslems…no He is not as they think..

Allah is the arabic translation of God…when I say Allah I mean Your God and my God …just one God…creator of all.

Best wishes!!!


43 thoughts on “How merciful He is!

  1. Thanks for spreading the enlightenment to every corner whole over the world, well done for the correction for those people who are not aware of this concept for the holy word of Allah. May Allah rewards you, Soheir! 👍

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  2. As a Christian, I am touched by the love you are sharing. The best of my people feel the same – at times I am embarrassed by the hatred and ignorance expressed by others. God bless you, and all who love peace. Thank you for your posts.

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  3. Having just had another funeral to attend for a parent this time my partners mother more and more I understand statements like this one … God does not allow us to bear pain but releases it so we can gain his love .. be well Ian 🙏

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  4. As you Dance And SinG TrUe
    And LiGht too..
    “Allah doesn’t
    burden a
    Soul Beyond
    what it can Bear”..

    And it’s
    True God
    put me through
    ‘the Fire’ for 66 months oF ReaL eARTh HeLL
    And i came through at age 53..
    even without any Hope or
    Faith or Love
    God is
    even Written
    iN ‘the Stone’ mY FriEnd..:)

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  5. Yes and i enjoyed ur answer a lot !
    In fact ur philosophy in life is great and simple at the same time ..l agree and sometimes disagree with its aspects..but that is life u know…and being different from each other that creates the beauty of life!
    Thanks again Fred!
    Best wishes:-):-):-)

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  6. sMiLes mY FriEnd..
    written in the stone..
    juSt a Metaphor
    that means
    God is all
    and everywhere
    even when we might
    not see a Grain oF Sand as God..
    in othER
    is no
    with God and
    hehe.. the Wife
    is jumping on me
    warning me not to
    be late to church but
    i will back later tonight
    to say a few more words.
    Love you My Kind FriEnd.. Soheir..:)

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  7. Yes Fred thanks for the explanation and for ur time..i really apprexiate that !
    Thanks again 🙂


  8. I am trying to study hard but the time is short…i am worried all the time but i try to do my best…
    Life is good thanks God !
    How are u Chris and how is ur family i hope that u are all okay!
    Thanks a lot for asking..God bless u !!!

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  9. We are well. I started my student teaching. My summer will be very busy with school. And I am starting to look for work as a teacher for September. Life is good.
    I can imagine the test is making you anxious. I don’t like tests. Just do your best, my friend. 😊

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