18 thoughts on “Why islam??

  1. To suMmarize iN summIT
    Short agaIN my friEnd
    SoHeir.. Hope
    and Love
    Mercy is
    My Religion and
    God the God that iS
    Real the God thaT i
    Can WiLL FeeL anD
    iN juST BeinG Me
    WiTh aLL oTheRs too..
    Let’s continue
    to make God
    Hope and Love
    aWay from Fear and Hate
    A Merciful God who liVes
    WitHiN aLL of wE iN Peace mY FriEnd..

    StAR oF LiGht..

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  2. Yes Fred..He is a merciful God of love and hope..my God and ur God and our God …One God of hearts and his house is there in the hearts of honest believers like u Fred dear bro!
    May God fill ur life with smiles ..
    Thanks dear friend!

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  3. نحن اسعد في ايجادكم، علما انها اشياء قيمة و مفيدة تنشر من قبلكم. في ميزان حسناتكم انشاءالله، الاخت سهيركل الاحترام لكي و لعائلتك الكريمة

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  4. شكرا جزيلا حسين
    بارك الله فى جهودكم
    رمضان كريم وكل عام وانتم بخير

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