26 thoughts on “Let’s bomb violence with mercy!

    1. 🙂
      Yes Chris dear friend!
      Ramadan is the month of fasting for muslims all over the world!
      Thanks a lot and wish you a great day!!

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  1. And that video was intense, by the way since I live in a town full of Marrocans muslims I’m still scratching my head as to how on earth you can not eat from 4.a.m ? until 9.45 p.m……all the best to you in your Ramadan month

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    1. Thanks a lot my friend..
      Fasting is a philosophy my friend …it needs training from an early age …12 or 13..
      Fasting is so interesting indeed!
      Welcome my bro and have a great day!!!


  2. This is the way i see
    the Muslim Faith
    practiced in
    in the
    eYes of
    those who Practice Hope and
    Love and i am Happy with that
    my friEnd.. those people of love like you..
    no matter
    A religion
    oF Hope and
    Love isREaL..
    mY friEnd
    SOHEIR Star oF Love..:)

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    1. Thanks Fred dear bro for these feelings…and I hope that all moslems around the world be real good moslems to reflect a good image about Islam…
      Smiles Fred and best wishes!!!

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