Peace be upon Jesus!!!


10 thoughts on “Peace be upon Jesus!!!

  1. @men… Soheir
    que Dieu te garde avec Nous… Issa et le Madhi…
    en Sincérité et Vérité….
    ici et jusqu’au Paradis… @men…

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  2. excuse me : “Issa et Mahdi”… les deux réunis en Un par Dieu…
    nos âmes fidèles, brilleront à l’Horizon… @men…
    nos Esprits auront l’Epée et le Bouclier … au Nom de l’Humanité…
    le dernier Djihad des Croyants face au Temple de Satan…
    c’est Un Message Céleste… @men…

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  3. iN thE sPiriT of Hope and Love.. sMiLes.. SOHEIR..
    First oF aLL.. NoW.. i Apologize heRe..
    for i have missed two notifications
    from your lovELy blog.. heAR..
    Dear.. Sis.. And i surELy Agree
    Verily that all humans
    come from
    DuSt plUs
    as even science
    now agrees and
    affirms now.. the
    earliest human
    intuitions on this
    and as we return
    thaT way too..
    And no human
    is anymore important
    to God than any otHeR As
    God lives iN all creation equAlly..
    And some of us more use or more lose this Gift..
    by our own volition and at the Hands oF Fear and Hate..
    And No.. liFe is
    not Fair.. We
    leARn toGetHeR anD
    riSe iN dArK and liGht
    With the SpiRit oF
    HoPe and LoVE or
    We Fall iN dARk
    and LiGht With
    the SPiriT oF
    clear my friEnd
    as to what the consequences
    of these two ways oF LIGht or dARk go..
    and i for one believe that is the core of
    what Christianity Will be as a teaching
    by a messenger with god eYes as we all
    Have PoTenTiaL for iN HoPe and Love
    rather than the othER placE
    oF Fear and Hate..
    A Religion of
    HoPe and
    LoVe is
    oNe i WiLL Agree..
    witH as Long as it is
    practiced that way.. otherwise
    words of text are useless in practical
    impact of both affect and effect my FriEnd..
    the challenge at core alWays is HUman NatuRe
    And whether the child is raised with Hope and
    Love or Fear and Hate as thaT moVes all the ways
    in environments.. physical and emotional.. in either
    ways of scarcity or abundance in moderation now
    aLL aCross the LifesPaN too.. this trUth and LIGht
    i for one FINd self-evident in analyzing
    and practicing HoPe and LoVe
    As liGht agAInst A ForcE NoW
    aS DARk oF FeaR and HAte…
    LovELy seeing you again mY
    FriEnD SOHEIR.. WiTh alWays
    Hopes and Wishes
    And Prayers NoW
    thAT youR liFe
    as A perfect practice oF
    A STorm of HoPe and Love…


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  4. Good evening Fred dear friend and brother…I always feel happy reading ur words …and thank u cause u consider my blog as lovely….ur blog is lovely and interesting indeed espicially the images..they r fantastic…
    I hope ur doing okay…
    Have a nice time dear bro!

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  5. SMiLes.. my friEnd.. Soheir
    never better i can SinG
    and GroWinG more in
    Love and i Hope
    and Wish
    Pray the
    same for you
    with always a
    nice time now
    and enjoy your
    Friday off my FriEnd..:)

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