Today’s quote.




17 thoughts on “Today’s quote.

  1. SMiLes.. my friend.. SOHEIR
    iT’s True.. Allah iS WitH uS
    when wE humbly ask
    in terms
    oF Love
    iN fearless
    way.. even iF
    tHere are no words
    to completely describe
    iT iN hUman Language
    way.. and ha!.. jUst wrote
    about this a few minutes ago..
    somewhere else.. as the tapestry
    of God fLows when we Flow as oNe
    iN ZonE
    Happy Friday..
    mY friend.. and may
    aLL yoUr prayers worded
    or not be fulfilled 10
    fold for noW..
    iN fearless

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  2. Ameen!!!
    Hello Fred!
    Thank you so much dear friend for your nice comment!
    Smiles always and best wishes!
    Have a great Friday !!


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