The sovereignty(سورة الملك)

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  1. SMiLes My Friend..
    surely there is a hell
    and anyone who would
    harm one hair on the face
    of Allah that is all that is..
    with callous..
    will be in
    this hell..
    it is like
    a pool
    or beinning..
    fire surrounds
    it where one hopes
    to reach the flames
    to end
    but there
    is no escape..
    or visit through
    a window on the
    of beginning
    and end now…

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      1. SMiLes.. my Good Friend
        SOHEIR.. just saw your message
        on my blog.. and be assured that
        i will always answer your questions
        without.. fail.. and for that matter
        everyone else’s as well.. and i will
        copy and paste this comment on
        my blog to answer to your same
        question there in regard
        to judgement too..
        How fortunate am i
        at age three before i could
        speak.. to meet God face to face
        with God assuring me in how
        God speaks to me non-verbally
        that i have been here forevernow..
        and all there is now.. so yes.. i am
        100% sure there is a hereafter my
        friend and that is alWays now..
        i suppose other folks who
        have not met God face to
        face may have other
        ideas about this
        but sure..
        i am blessed
        this way and cannot
        hold that against them..
        but i will tale you this friend..
        THAT gift that God gave me of 100%
        Faith.. Hope.. and Belief did not come
        without a price for i would be Autistic..
        weak.. and an outcast through most of
        my life to be this close to God.. additionally
        having the worst pain known to humankind
        assessed by science as worse than crucifixion
        66 months.. yes.. atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia..
        that if now one thinks a toothache hurts.. imagine
        a dentist drill without a drug for pain.. in one’s
        right eye and ear to get a feel for that.. and
        i realize you probably remember that but
        it is part of this lesson from God my friend
        that i endured as worse than any hell
        fire imaginable
        as preferable
        to dowse
        one’s self
        with gasoline
        and set oneself
        on fire.. as a more
        comfortable state
        of being..
        so God would
        have me endure 18
        other disorders too.. so i could
        develop the empathy of more
        than 14.5 billion years.. so i for
        one would never ever rise to the
        occasion to attempt to judge another
        human being.. God’s Judgement is God’s
        business.. and for no human to decide in
        terms of how long hell will last or if hell
        will come.. to gain some empathy for this
        though.. one must go to hell first.. to
        understand a little better
        what hell is and that
        place my friend is real
        now.. and that place is
        worse than the worse
        pain known to mankind
        as that place is total
        separation from
        God in
        no feeling
        at all my friend..
        as less than a piece
        of paper.. where a Ghost
        howl is preferable and any
        pain at all.. what a lesson that
        was my friend.. not to have a
        heaRt.. a SpiRit.. and a soUl.. so
        after that God teaches me how
        to be fearless.. stronger than
        any other man where i
        live both physically
        and spiritually
        in ways
        Love.. and sure
        i doubt i am the
        only one.. but
        i wonder
        but i am
        too humble
        to suggest i
        am the only
        one who truly
        meets God Face
        to Face and has this
        kInd of faith.. hope
        and belief as 100%..
        Anyway i am off to
        a Gospel Singing
        Southern Baptist
        Fire with my
        and no..
        that wasn’t
        a typo my friend
        as fear rules that
        place more than Love
        and they would surely
        dam you to hell if they
        knew you were Muslim..
        but whenever they say
        anything evil like that
        about God’s children
        they miss the
        fire in
        my eYes
        that will
        just shoot
        ‘lasers’ beyond..
        behind.. the shades
        of i.. and those ‘lasers’
        will not be directed by
        they will
        be directed
        by God.. my friend..
        as sure.. i have some
        other ‘gifts’ too.. and
        they are even too
        for anyone
        to ask me
        as far as
        i feel at least..
        So.. Love you..
        friend.. and see you later..:)

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  2. family relationships, social and economic affairs, administration, rights and duties of citizens, judicial system, laws of war and peace and international relations. In short it embraces all the various departments of life … The Sharia is a complete scheme of life and an all-embracing social order where nothing is superfluous and nothing lacking.

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    1. Yes Imran that is exacly right.
      Sharia is a whole complete system for a modern society specially if applied by people who want to achieve justice..
      Thanks Imran dear friend!
      You are always welcome and your comments add a lot !
      May Allah bless you !

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      1. Kings like Nimrod and Pharaoh have lived in the world, who claimed sovereign powers, but they, too, had to lose their life in obedience to the takwīnīcommand of Allah. Why rulers fall a prey to such mis­conceptions? The reason is not far to seek. When they find the people bowing in obedience to their commands, they, out of pride, begin to look upon themselves as above the takwīnī commands as well.

        Islam has struck at the very root of this evil. The ruler in Islam possesses neither the tashrīʻī power nor thetakwīnī. Allah alone is the supreme master whose rule extends from Heaven to the earth. Let the matter betakwīnī or tashrīʻī, it is His decree, which is binding and enforceable. There are many verses of the Qur’an which support this idea.

        None can command except Allah. (Qur’an, 12:40, 67)

        Is not His the command? And He is the Swiftest In taking account. (Qur’an, 6:62)

        For Him is the Command and to Him shall ye (all) be brought back. (Qur’an, 28:70)

        In physical or natural laws, the helplessness of man is obvious. He cannot make the least alteration in earth, sky, dust, air, water, fire, body, life. He can neither change the characteristics of the objects nor alter their properties. He cannot even Improve, amend, mend or end the laws and regulations that govern the creations. Even the slightest modification or improvement is impossible. All heads lie low and fallen before such commands. Prophet Ibrahim, by this very argument, silenced the then king who had claimed to be a god,

        Said Abraham: “But it is Allah that causeth the sun to rise from the east: do thou then cause it to rise from the West.” Thus was he confounded who (in arrogance) rejected faith. (Qur’an, 2:258)

        Government and rulership belong to Allah alone. Men, who call themselves rulers in the world, are in reality invested with such powers by Allah.

        O Allah! Lord of Power (and Rule), Thou givest power to whom Thou pleasest. (Qur’an, 3:26)

        Thus only those persons follow the right path, who consider themselves under the control of Allah’s command, tashrīʻī as well as takwīnī. And they realise that Allah has vested them with this power, only to propagate His commands and to enforce them according to His sharīʻah.

        The natural sequence of the belief leads to the conclusion that Allah alone has the right to issue and legislate the laws. There is no doubt that Allah has laid down the fundamental rules of law in Hissharīʻah. The scholars and the mujtahids can deduce new and collateral ordinances from the fundamental rules keeping in view the spirit of the law.

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