34 thoughts on “A vacation

  1. wish you happiness and love. Enjoy every moment during the days you are out of your wordpress family 🙂 we will miss you but will wait anxiously for your come back with new blogs to share with us 🙂 heaps of hugs and loads of love

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  2. :)) salutations Chère Soheir… Dieu t’éloigne d’Ici, car ton Cœur Va Recevoir +++ de Lumière… la Vérité… bisoussss 🙂

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  3. First of all.. thank
    you so much for
    letting the people
    who care about you
    know and feel that
    you are going on vacation
    here.. sadly some folks
    just disappear
    like tHeir
    are nothing
    more than
    text on
    a screen..
    i suppose more the
    older of us just do
    not have it in our
    heart as caring my
    friend.. to worry
    friends like that..
    i care and
    will miss you
    but your
    and well being
    is more important
    for your family
    at home
    as well..
    hope to
    see you refreshed
    back here.. as soon
    as you want to come
    back here.. as this should
    be a joy and not become the
    work of life.. of not wanting
    SMiLes with
    love SOHEIR..
    i already learn
    a lot from
    you that
    i will
    take with
    me in my
    heARt.. soUl
    and SpiRit..
    no matter
    if you never
    come back i
    will always
    remember SOHEIR
    the Peace and Love
    Lady who is Muslim
    and first and foremost
    And GOOD

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  4. Have a gud vacation….😊
    I have nominated you for the Sunshine blogger award….since you are so supportive and your blog is adorable….so after the vacation you may participate if you wish to….😊

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  5. Thanks a lot Fred dear friend!
    I love wordpress!
    I hope I will post until the end of my life…
    I still have a lot to present…
    Thanks again Fred…
    Smiles my dear brother..:-)

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