11 thoughts on “سورة الكهف(The cave)

  1. No human and no word separate from the
    word that is God that is no human language
    can judge God..
    and no human
    can be God alone
    as God
    so only God determines
    what is hell and what
    is heaven
    only those
    who live tHeir
    now as heirs
    of dArk or
    liGht will
    and feel
    God’s bidding
    for tHeir heARts..
    SpiRIts and SoUls..
    and thIs is what these
    ‘Cave’ verses of the Koran
    inspire in me..
    of God
    and if iam
    correct that
    will be God’s
    as once
    again.. end
    and beginning
    of never ending
    story.. God
    iS Allone Now..
    and we humans
    are onLY pArts
    so SOHEIR
    iN God
    of course..
    as FloWer of
    wRite on Course..
    And yes.. i have a
    copy of the Koran
    on my night stand
    right next to the bible
    and to the right of many
    other sacred texts of humans
    who attempt to approximate
    of God that
    is again.. no
    human words
    alone.. so
    all human
    fall short
    of the Glory
    of God almighty
    greater than any
    human OR words
    that are metaphors
    and never essence
    of God’s
    as words..
    that are always
    only metaphors
    that human’s
    for the much
    greater essence
    of GODALLONE..
    OF GOD
    But sure we humans
    will alWays do our
    best iF WE
    Love God
    with all our
    heart.. and
    of Soul
    as gifted
    to us as sure
    but always
    God eYes
    of uS humans now..
    and if we respect
    God as God almighty
    we will never chain
    God in
    the height
    of evil in
    to chain
    or restrict
    God in any
    human way..
    as gifted iN uSNOW..
    so in short it is now no
    less and even Greater
    sin to make any word..
    letter.. number or
    any other
    as idol
    of God
    alone.. as once
    again.. God is Allone
    and never words alone..
    as well.. more than any
    human beings who
    are always
    of God than
    end and
    of human story
    that is only a speck
    of dust in God’s eYes ALLONE..
    And yes.. everyNOW i read verse(S)
    of the Bible or Koran.. God SinGs
    a SonG to me
    to this..
    and sure
    i scribe it
    now.. whenever
    God instructs me
    as such in God’s
    way and
    never my
    in conscious
    mind of mine
    alone in eYes of
    and i have zero to fear
    by doing this free as God
    is the
    these words..
    but THE WIND
    and SO
    words.. now
    or then.. my
    wHere my WIND
    comes from a BEACH
    of GOD then and now..
    instead of Desert..
    Cave.. or
    as God’s prophets
    are limited to no
    Patch of land..
    or even
    and Beyond..
    And sure if we respect
    God as almighty greater
    than human being
    this is easy
    to see
    and feel
    as God’s
    unless we portend
    to be A Satan and
    greater than
    True Angels
    are no
    a human
    fool will create
    an Angel that is a fool..
    And sure i am only
    a fool..
    as i for
    one will
    God asks for
    It is often a
    Devil who bleeds
    most for God.. my friend..:)


  2. Okay..You have the right to express your opinion and what you believe and feel
    Here in my home or at your home or at any place in the universe..
    I will say it LOUDIY….(Qoran is not said or composed by Mohammad…it revealed from God on Mohammad’s heart and on the hearts of the believers)….
    You are well educated….no one can make you a fool..no one can force you to believe that Qoran is God ‘s words…okay ..it is your opinion and way of life…
    They see me a fool as I believe Qoran is divine and revealed from God…Okay Iam a fool…I am a happy fool…
    It is a matter of hearts Fred….
    You feel with your mind…and I feel with my heart…God’s words and instructions in Qoran are felt by the heart not the mind…
    I meet people through the internet…I do not know them….but I feel them …I have no personal relationship with any of them….but I mention them in my prayers ..I do not think bad of them…
    Those people are few…very few…like here in the wordpress..( Thumbup and Imran Ali and few others)…
    Qoran is the words of God …if you do not feel that..it is your way…not my way…it is your thinking ..not mine
    You are a kind person..I am sure of that…the difference between our attitudes doesn’t matter..you are my brother Fred..

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  3. What you fail to understand my friend.. I as a hyperlexic Autistic person who did not speak at all through mind or words until age 4.. Meets God face to face at three without words and remembers it all now in words of God.. The only real difference between Muhammad and me is he equates words as idols of God and I refuse to do that as I feel God from heart before I ever know humanly constructed words of human.. And no you are incorrect.. I speak from heart and have been deleted or banned from all places that speak from mind alone and anyone who would limit God in anyway.. including words.. Speaks through mind of selfish human tribal instinct as God speaks through me write now with spirit of heart through words.. One can never judge the heart of another through words alone or no words at all.. The lesson of a three year old me WITH GOD.. My friend.. SOHEIR.. And to be crystal clear i judge you or no one else as that is under God’s purview ALLONE..:)

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  4. Yes I believe you
    God is known to me also and seen before reading Qoran
    And it should be to anyone to believe in God before reading but by feeling..
    But that does not delete that Qoran is rvealed by God to organise our life and to not live haphazardly
    Thanks Fred
    Bless you

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  5. Smiles SOHEIR.. I agree with you here.. the Koran.. All knowings and feelings considered works well for your place of life.. And in you it is expressed as well through Love.. but sadly it does not work for everyone.. no different than a Christian bible as history and now shows through acts of Fear.. Hate.. Aggression.. Violence.. Terrorism .. and Wars.. You see and feel.. some people need the literal Truth and Light of Love to ever get the metaphor of Love.. And that my friend SOHEIR is when reason comes to Play With God too.. Smiles.. Blessings.. Peace.. Of God’s Love.. We get it my friend in heart but not everyone has heart and that is where my job as devil in their hell comes to play as God’s Fool for Truth and Light for Fools with no heArt..:)

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  6. Those terrorists are fools with no hearts. Qoran or Bible has no relation with their deeds
    They understand Qoran as they want to understand it
    Qoran is for all times and places
    Those ignorant terrorists has no minds no hearts to understand Qoran..
    The misunderstanding of Qoran is not the only reason for terrorism..
    The great countries and their interference in the interior affairs of the countries of the third world ( as they call us) is also a reason for the increase of terrorism…a big reason
    You consider yourself a citizen number one cause you are from Us
    Your country kill people ( Thousands) all over the world in Iraq ..Afghanstan..syria…etc…is not that terrorism .is not that injustice…
    They make terrorism and then complaint if it..
    Qoran is peace for the whole world
    God willing I will make a post about the verses of wars and killing in Qoran…
    Thanks again Fred!

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  7. Smiles.. My friend.. Again SOHEIR.. I have made it clear here before.. i agree with no unjust human action and consequences regardless of religion that is historically one factor of many factors of injustice away from Peace of Love and Love of Peace.. Tribal actions are not necessary for humans with basic needs met who are free to Move.. Connect.. And Create their human being with others.. Including Nature of God Allone.. How rare is this.. Rare.. And only a problem that will be reducing.. One human at a time.. Sharing.. As Giving And Connecting with all of human and rest of Nature Allone God.. So the work continues.. Now as practice without fail for those of us who Care with Love.. Now.. as Just nowS..:)

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  8. This Surah takes its name from v. 9 in which the word (al-kahf) occurs.

    This is the first of those Surahs which were sent down in the third stage of Prophethood at Makkah. We have already divided the life of the Holy Prophet at Makkah into four stages in the Introduction to Chapter VI. According to that division the third stage lasted from the fifth to the tenth year of Prophethood. What distinguishes this stage from the second and the fourth stages is this. During the second stage the Quraish mainly resorted to ridiculing, scoffing, threatening, tempting, raising objections and making false propaganda against the Holy Prophet and his followers in order to suppress the Islamic Movement. But during the third stage they employed the weapons of persecution, man handling and economic pressure for the same purpose. So much so that a large number of the Muslims had to emigrate from Arabia to Habash, and those who remained behind were besieged in Shi’ib Abi Talib along with the Holy Prophet and his family. To add to their misery, a complete social and economic boycott was applied against them. The only redeeming feature was that there were two personalities, Abu Talib and Hadrat Khadijah, whose personal influence had been conducive to the support of two great families of the Quraish. However, when in the tenth year of Prophethood these two persons died, the fourth stage began with such revere persecutions as forced the Holy Prophet and all his Companions to emigrate from Makkah.

    It appears from the theme of the Surah that it was revealed at the beginning of the third stage when in spite of persecutions and opposition, migration to Habash had not yet taken place. That is why the story of “Ashab-i-Kahf” (the Sleepers of the Cave) has been related to comfort and encourage the persecuted Muslims and to show them how the righteous people have been saving their Faith in the past.

    This Surah was sent down in answer to the three questions which the mushriks of Makkah, in consultation with the people of the Book, had put to the Holy Prophet in order to test him. These were: (1) Who were “the Sleepers of’ the Cave”? (2) What is the real story of Khidr? and (3) What do you know about Zul-Qarnain? As these three questions and the stories involved concerned the history of the Christians and the Jews, and were unknown in Hijaz, a choice of these was made to test whether the Holy Prophet possessed any source of the knowledge of the hidden and unseen things. Allah, however, not only gave a complete answer to their questions but also employed the three stories to the disadvantage of the opponents of Islam in the conflict that was going on at that time at Makkah between Islam and un-belief:

    The questioners were told that “the Sleepers of the Cave” believed in the same doctrine of Tauhid which was being put forward in the Quran and that their condition was similar to the condition of the persecuted Muslims of Makkah. On the other hand, the persecutors of the Sleepers of the Cave had behaved in the same way towards them as the disbelievers of the Quraish were behaving towards the Muslims. Besides this, the Muslims have been taught that even if a Believer is persecuted by a cruel society, he should not bow down before falsehood but emigrate from the place all alone, if need be, with trust in God. Incidentally the disbelievers of Makkah were told that the story of the Sleepers of the Cave was a clear proof of the creed of the Hereafter, for this showed that Allah has the power to resurrect anyone He wills even after a long sleep of death as He did in case of the Sleepers of the Cave.

    The story of the Sleepers of the Cave has also been used to warn the chiefs of Makkah who were persecuting the small newly formed Muslim Community. At the same time, the Holy Prophet has been instructed that he should in no case make a compromise with their persecutors nor should he consider them to be more important than his poor followers. On the other hand, those chiefs have been admonished that they should not be puffed up with the transitory life of pleasure they were then enjoying but should seek after those excellences which are permanent and eternal.

    The story of Khidr and Moses has been related in such a way as to supply the answer to the question of the disbelievers and to give comfort to the Believers as well. The lesson contained in this story is this “You should have full faith in the wisdom of what is happening in the Divine Factory in accordance with the will of Allah. As the reality is hidden from you, you are at a loss to understand the wisdom of what is happening, and sometimes if it appears that things are going against you, you cry out, ‘How and why has this happened’. The fact is that if the curtain be removed from the “unseen”, you would yourselves come to know that what is happening here is for the best. Even if some times it appears that something is going against you, you will see that in the end it also produces some good results for you.

    The same is true of the story of Zul-Qarnain for it also admonishes the questioners, as if to say, “0 you vain chiefs of Makkah you should learn a lesson from Zul-Qarnain. Though he was a great ruler, a great conqueror and the owner of great resources, yet he always surrendered to his Creator, whereas you are rebelling against Him even though you are insignificant chieftains in comparison with him. Besides this, though Zul-Qarnain built one of the strongest walls for protection, yet his real trust was in Allah and not in the “wall”. He believed that the wall could protect him against his enemies as long as it was the will of Allah and that there would be crack and holes in it, when it would be His will : whereas you who possess only insignificant fortified abodes and dwellings in comparison with him, consider yourselves to be permanently safe and secure against all sorts of calamities.”

    While the Quran turned the tables on the questioners who had tried to “expose” the Holy Prophet, in the end of the Surah the same things have been reiterated that were stated at its beginning: “Tauhid and the Hereafter are absolutely true and real and for your own good you should accept these doctrines, mend your ways in accordance with them and live in this world with this conviction that you are accountable to Allah: otherwise you shall ruin your life and all your doings shall be set at naught.”

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