33 thoughts on “Are you afraid of death?

  1. Before watching the video, I can answer the question, quite easily, and, with great simplicity, and, sincerity….

    No, I do not fear death. Not at all. The reason is simple, and was best expressed by a famous American sci-fi author, when he said:

    “There is no conclusive evidence available there is life after Death. There is also no conclusive evidence there is not. Either way, soon enough, you will know, so, why fret about it?”

    See…. no supernatural help needed to dismiss the fear of death…. merely reason, and, understanding reality….

    Now, I’ll watch the video….

    Thanks, for always presenting the most compassionate and reasonable sides to Islam…. Understanding is crucial, whether one is Atheist, Agnostic, or, a believer in any religious philosophy….

    gigoid, the dubious…


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    1. Hello gigoid
      Your comments are cool indeed and add a lot..
      In Islam as you know we believe in the hereafter
      It is a life before the day of judgment
      This life differs from one person to another according to his deeds( bad or good) and also it depends on how God forgives him/her..
      God is the most Gracious and most forgiver
      The forgiveness of God is beyond the calculations of human beings ..no one has the right to judge the deeds of someone else..
      Judgment is only for God ..
      gigoid the dubious..you are always welcome my brother..
      Thanks a lot..:-)

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  2. Great and very humbling video. Facing our mortality is a real eye opener and gets us beyond the things that don’t really matter. I like the idea of some kid in Africa running around in his Louis Vuitton sunglasses 😀 Cheers – Great post.

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  3. “Every soul shall taste death.”Qur’an 29:57

    Death is Near

    “Wheresoever you may be, death will overtake you even if you are in fortresses built up strong and high!” Qur’an 4:78

    Death is the reality from which none can escape. It draws nearer every day; every hour; every minute. According to the CIA’s The World Factbook 2007, almost two people die each second. That’s a staggering 57.9 million people each year! Every single being will reach this inescapable fate, regardless of their age, health, background, social status or piety. Where are the past kings, the billionaires and the powerful? Where are the once beautiful, the famous, and the intellectual elite?

    The Reality of Death

    Death is not a disaster, but simply a passing from this world onto the next. It should make us reflect and ponder about the purpose of life, and what will become of us after death.

    Allah (God) has informed us in the Qur’an that He has created us with the purpose of worshipping Him alone and that He made this life a test to see who will fulfil that purpose:

    “And I did not create the Jinn and mankind except to worship Me.” Qur’an 51:56

    God has also informed us the purpose behind the creation of death and life:

    “Allah is He who created death and life to test you as to which of you is best in deed.” Qur’an 67:2

    One does not prepare for death by pre-paying funeral services or selecting a coffin in advance. It is about fulfilling one’s purpose in life – to worship Allah alone, to live according to His commandments, and perform good deeds. The concept of worship in Islam is all encompassing and is not merely restricted to praying. In fact, any action that is pleasing to Allah is considered an act of worship, and a person will be rewarded for it.The Moment of Death

    “Let every person consider what they have sent ahead for tomorrow.” Qur’an 59:18

    Every day we see examples of death. We perceive a peaceful death as one with neither pain nor violence. However, this is not necessarily the case. When a person dies, the soul leaves the body, and so the physical appearance of the body may not reflect the situation of the soul. The peacefulness or unease of the soul will be a direct result of how well a person fulfilled their purpose in this life, and has little to do with the cause of death.

    Consider an example of two people who have a one-way ticket to a destination they have never been to before. The first person takes the time to learn about the language, culture and practices relating to the destination. He acquires the right currency and vaccinations, and when it comes time to travel, he arrives without any surprises. He is safe and content, because he has taken the time to prepare.

    In contrast, the second person is careless in his preparations and simply lives for the moment until the time comes to depart. He arrives at the unknown destination scared and confused. His unpreparedness causes him to end up with a dreadful fate, as all of the things he has brought with him were of no use.

    Describing such a heedless person, Allah says in the Qur’an:

    “When death comes to one of them, he says, ‘My Lord, send me back! So that I can do good in the things I neglected.’ By no means! It is a mere word that he speaks.” Qur’an 23:99-100

    Also consider the response of those people consigned to hell, when they are questioned regarding what put them there:

    “They will say, ‘We were not of those who prayed, nor did we feed the poor. And we used to enter into vain discourse with those who engaged in it, and we used to deny the Day of Recompense (the Day of Judgement) until there came to us the death that is certain.’ ” Qur’an 74:43-47

    We all have an appointed time with death, and we will all travel to this unfamiliar destination. Ask yourself – have you prepared for it?The Purpose of Life

    “Did you think that We (God) created you in play (without any purpose), and that you would not be brought back to Us (God)?” Qur’an 23:115

    Life is a test which ends in death, but it does not mark the end of one’s existence. Once death arrives, the opportunity to do good ceases. It will be too late to repent and our fate will be determined solely by our beliefs and deeds that we do in our current life. Man’s life is divided into two parts: a brief stay in this world, and an eternal life in the next. Any sane mind will conclude that eternal bliss is far more beneficial than short lived pleasures on Earth.

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      1. Urdu originate in india …by Mughal emperors….but its a national language of pakistan.
        But in india itbis widely spoken langauge of the muslims… and few non mislims as well …n our film industry ‘Bollywood’ is incomplete without urdu script.

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  4. TheRe is life in Life and Death in Life..
    the most important lesson in my life..
    is to die in life
    and live again..
    and truly
    only life
    all fear.. so no
    of course.. i for one
    am not afraid of death
    as i know the Gift of Life
    as Intended by God to humans
    is one of Love.. and never illusory
    fears including the fear of death..
    that no other animal
    but human
    to in
    blind eyes
    of Living now..
    And no.. of course God is
    not happy when we fear and
    hate.. as when we do that to us..
    and others.. we do to God as well..
    And no i wiLL not suggest
    getting angry
    or disrespecting
    God as there is no
    escape no matter
    what a person
    believes in or
    what a person
    is REAL
    AND NO
    Fear AND Hate
    LIVE.. now
    AS US
    WITH GOD..:)

    Nice video SOHEIR.. and
    truly what we take with
    us is ONLY the
    Love we
    so i never
    look forward
    to receive anything
    in life.. as only
    to give Love
    is to
    Love now
    in God’SKeYes
    of Loving Human..

    And for me at Least..
    i do not have to wait
    for heaven..
    it is now..
    and that my
    friend is the
    gift from God
    for Giving
    some folks say
    it is impossible to
    only live in giving
    Loving spirit.. they
    are incorrect
    on that.. now
    at least
    in my
    my friend..
    Sin is not necessary
    for those who conquer it..
    and sure that takes practice
    continuous unrelenting
    with God
    at Hand..
    and eYes

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    1. Yes that is right
      Imaan makes the soul quiet and happy
      May Allah be always in our hearts and minds ..
      Thank you Imran dear brother for your nice advice
      Bless you 🙂

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  5. I’m glad you visited and followed my travel blog so I could find your blog that talks about the Quran and Islam. I’m not a Muslim but I have lived and visited many Muslim countries and I have great respect for your religion. I’m glad you are telling people about the important and peaceful aspects of Islam. Thanks.

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    1. That is true Imran!
      But sometimes we find ourselves obliged to deal with such kind of people like for example at work or in the street or..etc
      Thank you Dear!
      You’re always welcome:-)

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