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  1. Hi Soheir.. i enjoy the video and it illustrates many of the modern issues of mixing the secular world with ideas of religion..

    All real Prophets of God speak in terms of metaphor and parables in poetic ways of expressing the experience of GOD..

    Of course God is not a name or word alone.. God is a limitless experience of free human beings who immerse themselves as ONE with GOD..

    And of course as always there are humans who make rules to control other humans in analytical ways of materialistic and power gains for illusory status..

    And of course as always there are humans who fight for freedoms of experiencing life with God in Artistic ways of human expression.. as ART.. of GOD…

    Words are rarely enough to express the fuller experience of human as one with God.. one can see tHiS wITh the Hawk spiraling the Sun free at mid-day.. or the Lion walking tall on the Savannah without fear.. but human words and culture.. makes everything so much more complicated.. that what it can be…

    To be one with GoD needs no words.. no religion.. no culture to attain.. as i enjoy the other video that you provide that describes a Desert Isle with GOD One and Human saMe..

    If a virus comes and kills all humans beings except for two on a Desert Island.. the prophet will once again.. be the one who attains the experience of Heaven now with the experience of GOD.. and attempts to use some kind of symbols to express that to tHeir friend.. yes.. as Heir of GOD FREE as gifted from birth..

    i agree with the Muslim Religion as it speaks that humans are ONE with GOD from Birth and not fallen sinners from birth.. It is mechanical cognition ways of life that are the fall from our Innate Instinctual and Intuitive gifts of God’s Nature humaNiFest as US..

    The followers of Christian religions have twisted the words differently.. and the followers of Yogi’s have done the same.. and sure with the uncovered gnostic Gospels of Yeshua.. also known as Jesus.. in 1959 in Egypt.. of which only 37 verses exist uncovered before the Nicene Council of Constantine in 325 AD.. kills people if they follow those teachings of Yeshua then.. as those teachings free human beings into the experience of the heaven of now.. WITH GOD.. with no promise of heaven after life.. only NOW..

    One cannot control human beings
    easily like this who experience this Bliss of Heaven Now..
    Illusory fears will not work on individuals immune
    to fears with Bliss.. of Heaven now..

    No.. not just words.. teachings.. in deep metaphors to escape the psychopathic unfeeling.. no feeling GOD eyes of POWER HUNGRY MATERIALISTIC leaders.. both in the Roman Empire then.. and the Catholic Church as it stands then.. and of course that is part of human nature now.. as well as sad..

    AND POWER ALWAYS INCLUDES ENSLAVING OTHER HUMAN BEINGS THEN OR NOW.. and that slavery is not always easy to see.. when spoon-fed from birth as cultural rules…

    AS long as human flesh and blood lives as evolving now.. there will be psychopathic leaning individuals who neither feel love or read/speak the eyes of GOD in spiritual writings.. so yes.. in this way.. the metaphor and the parable.. protects the real words as symbols of GOD’s teachings from the unfeeling GOD eyes of others..

    It is up to those of us who remain with those God Feeling eYes to discern the Truth and this Light and spread it to the best of our ability.. and one can see the young men in the video doing their best to express that.. but truly it is difficult ..as God is much smarter than US.. in terms of human words.. so much deeper than than the Analytical Language mind will ever speak or read my friend..

    So yes.. my friend Soheir.. Peace.. BlesSinGs.. and Love to you.. and sure.. BlisSinGs as well.. as that is what humans are natural Heir to.. NOW JusT NOW.. who hEar GOD sPeak in tHeir liVes.. on desert Isle.. or desert lands.. on beach… on mountain.. in cave.. under tree.. or the furthest planet we can imagine from here.. my friend.. SOHEIR..:)


  2. Hello Soheir
    Another good post. He is a very intelligent man with a lot of presence. I like what he said about not having meaning in your life or not believing in a creator (or something) leads to losing one’s mind. It certainly seems to lead people to a lot of troubles. He also had a good point that just because we see people acting wrongly in the name of religion should not keep us from seeking the truth.
    Thank you for this.
    Have a great day,
    Cheers =)

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  3. Hi Fred
    Pleased to read your comment and happy that you enjoyed the video
    You said ( To be one with God needs no words ..no religion..no culture to attain..)..okay my dear friend ..but that means that you belief that those prophets wrote the holy books themselves and you think that these books are not revealed from God Himself…
    I believe that these books are revealed from God but that does not limit God’s words or limits our relation of God..of course God’s words are limitless…
    These books were revealed to organize our lives…because without organization life will be nonsense..For example ..imagine the relation between a man and a woman without marriage and how many problems will be out of that..
    Thanks again my dear brother
    May God guide us all to the right path and to the light
    Peace be with you


  4. Smiles.. actually i did
    NOT say that the books
    are NOT revealed to humans by GOD..
    of course all prophets words are eyes of GOD..
    What i did say is ON a desert Isle.. as your other video
    states those prophets and or books are not necessary for
    God to live there with humans
    as those prophets and books
    do not exist
    there at all..
    That is just
    common sense my
    friend.. something
    God gifts to us
    with God’s
    eyes too..
    IN FACT..
    with peace..


  5. Hello Chris my dear friend:-)
    In fact you summerized what I wanted to convey through the video
    Some moslems kill in the name of God but that does not mean that Islam is what they are doing …Islam is perfect…but what they do has no relation to Islam ( just an example)

    Seeking the truth shouldn’t be connected with people’s acts or reactions
    Thanks again Chris
    Have a good day my friend


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