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  1. Good morning SOHEIR.. and of course further towards the evening for you my friend.. as with people.. my tolerating and accepting differences of other cultures… religions.. and nations is taking in many variables of differences of environments of both challenge and luxury…

    I live in an environment of luxury so far above that of most places in the world.. in terms of a beautiful God Given environment of Rivers.. Beaches.. and Flowers shaded by Tall Trees.. with never a need not provided for food or drink.. I already live in paradise on earth.. so of course.. obviously i wish for nothing but the life i have gifted as is from God.. and sure i can wear shorts year ’round and never get cold.. but sure.. i am blessed as very robust too.. as physical child of GOD…

    Sadly where i live that is not enough for many folks.. they wish for materialistic goods and are never satisfied by the gifts that are so clear to me all around me where i live.. as i step into my backyard of paradise free..

    So true it is that many places in the world are places of hell on earth.. and many of those places are in the middle east.. particularly places like the ones we see where small girls being raped by soldiers in the name of Allah.. and stove top burnings of wives where husbands do not see the dowries.. as enough to purchase a wife.. as no greater than cattle for slaughter or to eat.. in areas like Pakistan.. my friend..

    Egypt is a much nicer place to live in the Middle East than many places of constant conflict and death.. so sure.. this is the way it has been in the middle east for thousands of years.. the tribal spirit of warring differences is strong in the past and remains strong in the Present.. and again.. Egypt has been spared much of this as a larger power in the area.. recently.. and i am glad you are blessed to live like this my friend as well.. as compared to some of your close neighbors..

    So when i listen to this call to invoke the curse of Allah on disbelievers.. that is pretty much the element of the talk.. it is not surprising to me.. as it is ‘my football team against your football team’.. the closest thing that most people in the United States ever see of a war on their soils.. my friend..

    How easy we have it here..
    when we manufacture our tribal wars for fun..
    and just jump up and down with cheers and
    jeers at the opposing team…

    So sure.. it is not surprising either that i can go to my Catholic Church where there are almost zero talks about hell fire.. zero talks about an angry GOD.. and even Love expressed for the peoples of different religions.. even Muslims.. and Buddhists..

    But sadly enough in other churches in my area.. that are fundamentalist Southern Baptist churches.. hatred is openly expressed towards Muslims.. Buddhists.. and even people of our own country.. like Single Mothers.. and Homosexuals..

    When i go to these churches the fire of righteous indignation for a GOD of ALL peoples comes out of my eyes.. as i know and FEEL the Love of these Muslim and Buddhists.. and other people of God given differences as Peoples no less than.. my backyard of paradise…

    But no my friend.. i do not feel that Love when i listen carefully to this entire over an hour audio that you provide today.. out of respect for you.. my friend.. what i hear is a tribal way of just another football team who says we are better than the other.. no it is not the New York Jets.. it is the believers of every literal scripture of one book.. that must not be in variance at all with other books of wisdom.. or the others.. the people.. will burn in an eternal fire of hell..

    Well.. God is bigger than that.. so much bigger than any prophet.. book.. or word uttered out of human mouth.. no matter how much inspired by GOD.. GOD is always greater than human communication… as GOD is the GOD of Infinity.. and not just tribal warring concerns of one area of the earth.. which is almost entirely the context of this audio my friend.. which again.. is understandable.. and i can tolerate and accept the reasoning behind it.. as it is written in the context of an environment of relatively few natural resources.. competition for territory.. and subsistence.. in a life or death situation.. an entirely different human environmental context.. as compared to the one i am born in..

    The American Indians.. living in pristine North America.. and South America.. as well.. where resources.. are abundant see a Loving God of plenty.. where the great spirit rules in Balance and Love..

    Put them in a desert without the Buffalo and they will see more of a God of Fear and Hate.. instead of Love.. it is context my friend.. a context of GOD that can be darker or lighter depending on what we are born into..

    To attempt to look deeper into the whys of how so many people see GOD so differently is to better be able to tolerate and accept the differences.. but until that happens.. there will still be rape.. killings.. and wars in the name of God or Allah.. and much misery and suffering..

    Sadly until humans can realize
    they are all part of one Loving Tribe..

    There will be no True Love of God..
    that even the primate the Bonobo
    can live.. Free..
    with Love..
    and not rape..
    maim.. and kill
    each other in ways
    of Fear and Hate..

    Not everyone can read 10 to 15 times faster than the average human being.. or type close to 130 words a minute.. when properly focused.. or graduate with three degrees out of college.. or withstand a pain worse than literal crucifixion as identified in medical literature for 66 months from wake to sleep..

    So no.. my friend.. i have privilege and challenge gifted to me by GOD that allows me to understand details and experiences of life.. that perhaps only 1 percent or LESS.. of the population is able to understand..

    So i cannot judge anyone with eyes gifted by Allah.. different than most.. expecting them to see a GOD as large as i see.. as GOD has gifted me obviously with bigger eyes of discernment than most.. it will be easy for me to condemn the rest of the peoples of the Earth to Hell and say i am the only one living in Heaven.. with a few more million people on earth now.. ’cause we are the special ones.. the superior ones.. and you other folks are just gonna have the curse of Allah and suffer forever..

    But you see my friend..
    i am smart enough not to do this..
    ’cause I understand God.. and that is
    where the video fails in invoking the
    curse of Allah on the lesser who do
    not understand Allah..
    Allah does not sentence
    anyone to hell for the lesser
    of human being privilege..
    God instead.. allows folks
    like me to lend a helping
    hand up
    instead of
    invoking curses
    on people who are
    lost.. but sadly..
    people like me
    will never ever
    be heard by fundamentalist
    Christians or Muslims as their
    books tale them there is no
    other knowledge but what
    is in their books..
    that is where they are
    incorrect.. as again GOD
    is no book.. no human word
    alone.. GOD is the God of ALL
    i am just a speck of dust compared
    to GOD and I will be a fool if i ever say
    i know or feel all there is to know or feel
    of GOD.. or anyone else does.. as i am still
    only a flea on the back of GOD enjoying
    my nourishment of blood
    as a life giving GOD
    that provides
    that gift of
    Blood free to
    me now by the
    grace of Paradise where
    i live.. but again.. how can
    i judge the folks who live in
    hell now.. no
    WILL NOT..
    i will only offer a
    hand up
    or not my friend.. Love is Heaven
    there is no HEAVEN BUT LOVE
    UNIVERSES not just patches
    of land in the middle east..
    or earth.. as whole..
    my friend..
    another talk
    but not as long
    as the video of course..
    my friend. . SOHEIR FROM
    the fertile crescent Nile..
    the birthplace of the
    earliest of
    and enlightenment
    of greater human
    as children
    of GOD from among
    the first folks who
    believe in one
    GOD of ALL
    named Aten..
    and truly
    a source
    of what
    has now
    become other
    words for GOD
    in modern days
    of middle east ways..
    God has always been
    here.. it’s just up to us
    to SEE God and most
    importantly FEEL
    WORDS.. and Love
    is the essence my
    friend.. Love ALL
    Love NOW
    IS Sacred Love..
    if a Bonobo can do it..
    i must have at least
    for humans
    too.. smiles..
    perhaps ISA
    will come back
    as a Bonobo if humans
    do not get their act
    and just let
    humans go
    extinct and bomb
    themselves to death..
    or perhaps God will send
    a virus.. to finally rid this
    earth of the cultural and
    religious viruses that are
    human.. and perhaps
    that is a metaphor
    my friend..
    and hopefully
    not the literal
    of living out
    of the balance
    with the God of Nature..
    God will have ‘hEr’
    way.. ‘sHe’ alWays
    does.. humans are
    but a speck
    of dust..
    my friend..
    and that is
    the humility
    i for one see as
    respect and never
    Fear that breeds hate
    or separation.. Balance
    is the way of GOD and
    Unity is the way of Balance..
    And that is an ALL volunteer
    effort my friend never ever
    enforced by
    ways of

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  2. Hi Fred
    I really love you
    But don’t you know why I love you???
    In fact I love your soul..cause it is a soul of a warrior..and there is a big difference between a warrior and a terrorist
    You are a warrior and your sword is your pen
    Mohammad was not a terrorist.He is a real warrior.
    In Quran you can find many verses which talk about the wars which prophet Mohammad made.
    Those verses are repeated in some chapters in somehow a similar way.When God repeats these verses and talks about waging wars ..it doesn’t mean that this is a clear message for violence and hatered.
    Do you know why prophet Mohammad made wars????
    The only reason to these wars is not killing non muslims.
    The only reason is that he wanted to send them a simple message..( please leave me teach people about Islam…teach them not to worship statues and instead worship God).
    They beagan the war( the non muslims) and not Mohammad who began the war.
    He tried with them peacefully several times and asked them to leave him teach people about Islam …but they refused and began to fight him.
    Their reasons ( the non muslims) were merely financial reasons and not religious reasons( you can search in the history of Saudi Arabia).
    When God repeats the talking about wars in Quran ..He wants to send us one message( you have to fight to defeat injustice..to help the weak..to delete ignorance..)
    Tell me Fred….Why did you take a long time to listen to the video and then to write your long precious comment..???,?
    Cause this is your weapon to send me a message…and to clear my brain which you think is full of wrong Islamic ideas.
    You know my dear friend I wondered when I read your comment cause your way of understanding Quran is the same way of those terrorists who read the Quran and then go and kill non muslims(smiles):-)
    Of course I know you are a man of kind heart and you have a message …but…
    Quran teaches us to be strong .Yes a believer should be strong and not weak.
    When someone comes to my home and tries to take my honour by force …I will not say..come on ..take it..Instead I will fight to death.
    But a real believer will not fight innocent people and kill them ..even if they are of different religions and even if they don’t believe in God at all.
    Mohammad lived in Makkah about 13 years after he became a prophet and the non muslums were everywhere around him.
    Why didn’t he kill them???
    After that he travelled to Madinah and began to convey his message without war.
    The non muslims in Makkah didnot leave him do that and began to fight him.
    And he was a brave fighter and began to defend for his message and fought them.
    When finally he won..he returned again to Makkah.He forgave them all.And he stayed in Mekkah for some time .Many of them didnot convert to Islam.But Mohammad didnot kill them although he was the winner.
    Although they took his house and made him leave his beloved town( Makkah).
    I will tell you a secret Fred(smiles)…Do you know the real maker of nowadays terrorism???????
    There are two real makers.
    First maker is the misunderstanding of the holy Quran cause of ignorance.
    Second maker is USA and Israel…(smiles)…
    I donot speak about American people .Most American people are kind and I adore them.I donot speak about Jews or peaceful Israel people.I talk about rulers( politicians ) of both countries.
    For example George posh said that he will spread freedom in Iraq and teach people there about democracy.Then he entered Iraq and killed innocent men ..women ..and children.Of course you heard about ( Abo ghreib) prison and the disgusting tortures.
    I will tell you another secret my brother in humanity…..After the war in Iraq many young people from Egypt..Saudi Arabia ..Pakistan…India…etc….decided to devote their lives to destroy America…
    I do not say that they are right and I do not justify their decision.I just want you to put youself in their place.
    Imagine you are sitting peacefully with your beloved Caty…and then some soldiers from other country knocked on you door and then rape Caty and kill her …then take you to prison and humiliate you.
    What feelings will be in your heart my friend??????
    Feelings of love of course( smiles)…

    You said that Quran speaks about non muslims as the inhabitants of hell and heaven is for muslims only..
    What about this verse in ( al bakarah) chapter 62
    (Those who believe in Qoran and those who follow the Jwish and the christians and the Sabians and who believe in Allah and the last day and work rightiouseness shall have their reward with their Lord ..on them shall be no fear…nor shall they grieve)
    I am a moslem but that does not mean I am Islam

    The problem I think is misunderstanding Quran by moslems and non moslems.
    Qoran is not composed by Mohammad.It is revealed by the most merciful on our hearts.
    So pray with me my friend to have open hearts full of light
    Our heaven is in our hearts
    Love and respect

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  3. Smiles my friend.. my comment is not directed at the Quran or Muhammad.. or you my friend.. in your understanding of the Quran.. my comment is directed at the tone of the speaker and the specific words to invoke the curse of Allah on disbelievers..

    Those are not words of God.. in any book of mine.. and i do not remember seeing them in the Quran.. but they are the words of the individual in the video that i cannot possibly agree with as they are words of separation and not unity.. this is what my disagreement is aimed at.. NOT Muhammad.. the Quran.. or you.. specifically..

    i haven’t heard you speak that the curse of Allah should be invoked on disbelievers but certainly it is a curse for soldiers to rape little girls in the name of Allah in this curse of way.. as well as stove top burning young wives by men who think the dowry does not meet a fabricated allowance by Allah..

    And i have much disagreement about these same types of things in the U.S. not much different than this.. and i can see the lies of the Bush administration at the time they are making them as no fool passes the test of my eyes to see another soul’s eyes lying..

    Anyway.. i have no doubts of your light my friend.. but i also have no doubts that the terrorists are inspired by this same type of tone when provided like this to kill innocents as it promotes separation..

    And sure.. if some terrorist comes to my house.. to harm my family.. they may die at my hands or powerful lightening fast and incredibly strong feet in a martial arts way.. in a heart beat.. as i am trained as not only a soldier by pen.. but i am a very efficient killer in defense if necessary as a last resort.. and no human teaches me this.. Allah teaches me this defense in hand and feet to hand combat.. alone with no one else.. as i do not want to hurt any innocent bystanders.. if you will..

    Life is no soft ride for true freedoms of Allah.. and i will fight to the death if necessary to keep those freedoms as well.. but sure we live in a new era of soft men who train with smartphones instead of fists and feet.. i am fists and feet my friend.. with a Loving Pen.. and when i walk tall like a Lion and light as a butterfly.. no one yet transgresses my path..

    God is no weak limp GOD.. God is the God of courage.. and tough passionate Love.. as instilled in REAL MEN AND WOMEN.. who treasure their freedoms and are not afraid to die for them in hand to hand combat.. but no guns for me.. i am no weak man who must use a crutch for defense.. i am Allah’s Lion not only in Pen but a force of one feat of feet as well.. smiles.. and I love you too.. and we will fight for freedom together.. with the kind of Love and Light Allah brings.. with PEN.. without any physical harm if we can but..

    if not…
    so be that as well..
    as caution to any terrorists who comes my way
    in metaphor of domesticate or abroad.. as we mostly have
    domesticated terrorists here in the U.S… now..
    in true effect and affect my friend.. in more
    ways than violence as well… but again..
    i live in a soft and free land..
    where many people
    take their freedoms
    for granted.. freedom
    is a gift.. that can be
    lost quick
    when a nation
    becomes soft..
    and while the military
    devices for defense are still
    strong.. there are few real warriors
    that i see.. still being trained by the
    military.. as i commonly wait for them
    to finish their Facebook before i
    lift a half a ton or whatever..
    smiles.. that’s kinda
    disgusting to
    me considering what
    our forefathers give
    for human
    a God
    and never
    ever weak..
    and while when
    young or now. . per my
    so-called physical disabilities
    i will never be able to pass the
    so-called physical requirements
    to enter the military no matter how
    strong and courageous i am.. the older
    combat veterans i have spoken to
    agree with my assessment
    here as well..
    i am in no
    alone to make
    this assessment
    but it is in accordance
    with real veterans
    of wars for freedom..
    my friend..:)

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  4. Is the Quran credible?

    Besides religious guidance, the Quran contains hundreds of verses that speak of the universe, its components and phenomena such as the Earth, the sun, the moon, the stars, mountains, wind, running water, plants, embryological animals, and the successive stages of development of the human being. More than 1,000 verses relating to cosmic facts or cosmic phenomena can be counted in the Quran. During the early days of the Quran, scientific knowledge of the universe was limited and it was not easy to elaborate on the verses relating to the universe or its phenomena except within the limitations of the time. However, we now know about the laws of the universe much more than before and that is why reviewing the 1,000 or more verses relating to the cosmos, man and his surroundings can be one of the most obvious miraculous aspects of the Quran. This is because of the precedence of the Quran, which was revealed more than 14 Centuries ago, with many of the scientific facts, at a time when people had no knowledge whatsoever of such facts. The Quran has addressed so many of these facts in a language that is more precise, accurate and concise than scientists have ever been able to do. Nothing in the Quran contradicts any established scientific facts. These cannot be all covered in a short article and hence I have chosen only five verses that can testify to the miraculous nature of the Quran from a scientific point of view:

      The creation of the universe is explained by astrophysicists in a widely accepted phenomenon, popularly known as the “Big Bang.” It is supported by observational and experimental data gathered by astronomers and astrophysicists for decades. According to the “Big Bang,” the whole universe was initially one big mass (Primary Nebula). Then there was a “Big Bang” (Secondary Separation), which resulted in the formation of Galaxies. These then divided to form stars, planets, the sun, the moon, etc. The origin of the universe was unique and the probability of it occurring by “chance” is zero. The Quran contains the following verse, regarding the origin of the universe:

     Have those who disbelieved not considered that the heavens and the earth were (once) a joined entity, then We separated them and made from water every living thing? Then will they not believe?  (Quran, 21:30)

    The striking congruence between the Quranic verse and the “Big Bang” is inescapable! How could a book, which first appeared in the deserts of Arabia 1400 years ago, contain this profound scientific truth?

      In 1925 an American astronomer by the name of Edwin Hubble provided observational evidence that all galaxies are receding from one another, which implies that the universe is expanding. The expansion of the universe is now an established scientific fact. This is what the Quran says regarding the formation of the universe:

     And the heaven We constructed with strength, and indeed, We are [its] expander.  (Quran, 51:47)

    Stephen Hawking, in his book A Brief History of Time, says: “The discovery that the universe is expanding is one of the great intellectual revolutions of the 20th century.” The Quran mentioned the expansion of the universe before man even learnt to build a telescope!

      Scientists say that before the galaxies in the universe were formed, celestial matter was initially in the form of gaseous matter. In short, huge gaseous matter or clouds were present before the formation of the galaxies. To describe initial celestial matter, the word “smoke” is more appropriate than gas. The following Quranic verse refers to this state of the universe by the word dukhan which means smoke:

     Then He turned to the heaven when it was smoke…  (Quran, 41:11)

    Again, this fact is a corollary to the “Big Bang” and was not known to mankind during the time of the Prophet Muhammad . What then, could have been the source of this knowledge?

      It was thought that the sense of feeling and pain was only dependent on the brain. Recent discoveries prove that there are pain receptors present in the skin without which a person would not be able to feel pain. When a doctor examines a patient suffering from burn injuries, he verifies the degree of burns by a pinprick. If the patient feels pain, the doctor is happy, because it indicates that the burns are superficial and the pain receptors are intact. On the other hand if the patient does not feel any pain, it indicates that it is a deep burn and the pain receptors have been destroyed. The Quran gives an indication of the existence of pain receptors in the following verse:

     Indeed, those who disbelieve in Our verses (i.e. signs, proofs) – We will drive them into a Fire. Every time their skins are roasted through We will replace them with other skins so they may taste the punishment. Indeed, Allah is ever Exalted in Might and Wise. But those who believe and do righteous deeds – We will admit them to gardens beneath which rivers flow, wherein they abide forever.  (Quran, 4:56-57)

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  5. Where from?  Where to?  And Why?

    What if you find a Watch in the Sand?

    Did people always believe in a Creator?

    Why did People turn away from God?

    Why are we created?

    What is the Islamic view?

    Is the Quran credible?

    What is the Purpose of Life?

    Is there any “blind faith” in Islam?

    Is there Life after Death?

    Why should one read the Quran?

    Why Islam?

    How Does Someone Become a Muslim?

    They say that a fool lives to eat and a wise man eats to live. But then the question remains: for what purpose does the wise man live? Living is not an end by itself. There has to be a purpose for man to live for. So what is this purpose?

    Where from?  Where to?  And Why?

    Any ignorance, however great, could be forgiven except for man to be ignorant about the secret of his existence, his aim in life and what will be his outcome after death. Some thinkers express these questions in simple words: where from? Where to? And why? Meaning: where did I come from? Where am I going? And why am I here?

    Those who only believe in the material world and who do not believe in a Creator- the atheists- only believe in sensory data. They say that this universe and everything in it came by itself. All its order is simply due to blind coincidence. They say that man is simply like an animal or a plant and that he will exist for a short period and then end like any other animal or plant.

    An Arab Poet, Elya Abu Madhi (a born-Christian), not long ago expressed his uncertainty about the purpose of life in his Arabic poem Al-Talasim, meaning “puzzles,” which I have translated into English. He says in his poem:

    I came not knowing from where, but I came.
    And I saw a pathway in front of me, so I walked.
    And I will remain walking, whether I want this or not.
    How did I come? How did I see my pathway?
    I do not know!
    Am I new or am I old in this existence?
    Am I free and unrestrained, or do I walk in chains?
    Do I lead myself in my life, or am I being led?
    I wish I know, but…
    I do not know!
    And my path, oh what is my path? Is it long or is it short?
    Am I ascending in it, or am I going down and sinking?
    Am I the one who is walking on the road,
    or is it the road that is moving?
    Or are we both standing, but it is the time that is running?
    I do not know!
    Before I became a full human, do you see
    if I were nothing, impossible? Or do you see that I was something?
    Is there an answer to this puzzle, or will it remain eternal?
    I do not know … and why do I not know??
    I do not know!

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  6. The West has to take a critical look at itself and examine the apparent double standards at work that allow it to attack Iraq for possessing weapons of mass destruction but not North Korea, whose leader shared Saddam Hussein’s megalomaniacal qualities; that permit it to rail against Iran about nuclear weapons but be silent about Israel’s arsenal; that allow it to only selectively demand enforcement of UN resolutions. The West has to own up to the mistakes it has made: such as with Abu Ghraib and the torture in Afghan prisons; in the errant attacks on civilians; in its disregard for the basic precept of a civilized legal system, which maintains that an accused person is innocent until proven guilty.

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  7. Hi my friend.. Imran Ali..

    Thanks so much for coming here and providing these wise words..

    There is much i Love about the Quran as a book of wisdom.. my friend..

    There is much about the Quran that is credible just like there is much about
    the Christian New Testament that is Credible.. AND USEFUL IN LIVING LIFE…

    And of course there are still many jewels left in the Old Testament as well…

    I argue against noNE of that here.. and i have defend these parts of the Quran to the haters in the west.. as there are some who call it an evil book.. which of course it is not..

    The Quran like the Christian bible.. is a book of wisdom.. and the realities of humanity.. at the time the book are both written and received as words from GOD…

    There is a warring aspect of both books that is also part of GOD my friend.. and i do not judge either book as evil..

    There is a warring aspect in the middle east.. like i previously mention in my comment that is not a reality of the United States.. on our soils.. so i must understand the reality of this in the middle east.. that there is a much different reality.. that plays greater to this reality of humanity that we in the west do not encounter.. that is still relevant as a part of GOD and more relevant on Middle Eastern shores….

    And sure.. it is the same with the covers of women.. the Middle East is a hot arid land.. and these covers also provide a practical aspect of keeping moisture in and bright sun reflected to both protect skin and keep one cool..

    SADLY Muslim Women where i Live swelter with what approaches heat stroke when these covers ARE WORN in our outside environment IN THE SWELTERING HUMID SUMMERS.. THAT is just foolish my friend… but a reality of A book restriction they face.. in an environment where those rules of GOD that are reasonable in your environment are not practical and against both GOD and Nature where we live here..

    God does raise fools my friend.. God raises smart and Intelligent beings named humans who adapt and change and survive or do not.. so sure.. women stay inside.. and survive.. but it is beautiful outside here in the SWELTERING HUMID Summer as well.. and that is sad.. so sad that they are imprisoned inside covered up.. not to enjoy the Summer.. but it is what is is.. huh..

    i cry for the Muslim women here.. but sure.. i am glad they stay cool.. and are protected from the Dry Sun in the middle east..

    And this is what i mean about change my friend..

    God sense or NO SENSE.

    But here’s the thing my friend.. and what i love the most about the Quran is its focus on the balance of Nature and the giving aspect to the lesser of us.. THAT’S GREAT!..:)

    Science understands more my friend.. much more than at the time of the Quran and the Christian Bible.. AND YES IT IS A BIGGER MUCH DIFFERENT WORLD NOW AS WHOLE.. so what that means.. is the text in that book is NOT finished for the story of humankind or the spirituality and ONENESS WITH Allah to come..

    I offer practical criticism.. for the relatively small parts that can possibly change for the better.. i realize the chances of that changing in countries where religion and state are one is practically zero..

    And honestly.. the only way i can convince you OR any other Muslim is if i somehow i am ISA myself.. which no.. i am not.. THAT’S SAD.. COMMON GOD SENSE SHOULD BE THE RULE.. not foolish behavior that refuses to change just ’cause ‘Joe’ or whomever finished the text of the Quran in actual book form AFTER MUHAMMAD DIES… SAYS it can’t change 1500 years ago.. in a small patch of arid hot land… in one TINY BOOK.. THAT IS THE ABRIDGED VERSION OF GOD’S WORDS…

    I am just a human being my friend… but i will tell you this.. i am a Prophet of Allah.. neither the last or first who speaks to GOD face to GOD and who GOD speaks through to the best of my receiving ability..

    And sure.. this definition of Prophet.. is in accordance with my western definition of prophet as healer.. Love is what counts.. and so far all I see is Loving Female Muslims.. your are only the second Male Muslim who has taken the time and effort to communicate with me.. since i am Speaking on Truth and Light of ALLAH for the last five plus decades… i appreciate that.. i am humble enough to tell you that everything you say is correct..

    But here’s the difference between what we call a prophet in the United States and an Apostle of Jesus..

    The Apostle says the rules of the past.. with no variance..

    The Prophet Speaks the rule of GOD






    AND where i am no longer welcome.. as i have been kicked out of almost
    everywhere online associated with the west.. where there is moderation of administration.. as my criticisms are scathing of both western politics and western Christianity..

    I just dust my sandals off and travel to the next destination with GOD’s message for me TO SPEAK.. and sure i will do this until my death.. as GOD already damns me to hell.. to bring me this far friend.. and there are 11 million more words from me..

    THAT will tale you the same
    MESSAGE.. in greater details my friend..

    I Love you..

    THAT is the part of Christianity and Muslim

    THAT is all that counts
    when the end and beginning
    of all




    If everyone practices I Love you..
    there will be no false Iraq wars from
    the WEST.. no false tortures.. no haters
    of Muslims.. no rapes of young girls
    by Muslim extremists.. and no
    stove top burnings of young
    brides in Pakistan..
    Truly it’s as simple
    as that my friend…

    i already live in Heaven NOW MY FRIEND..
    that is my reward from ALLAH NOW alWays
    WITH ZERO VARIANCE.. i have zero
    TO GAIN.. and zero to lose by being
    here.. and just ALL.. to GIVE..
    take it with eYes of ALLAH
    or not my friend.. your
    will.. your choice..
    your way with
    ALLAH or NOT..
    my friend..
    Peace and
    with Love
    ONCE AGAIN!..:)

    Liked by 2 people

  8. Hello:
    I put it on in the car and realized it is in Arabic with English subtitles….not the safest for riving when one does not know Arabic. But I did watch some with subtitles (not while driving). It is interesting and I like the sound. Though it is very foreign and unintelligible to me, I still like it.
    You posted something from Mr Estes while I was away last week. Perhaps I can listen next week.
    Have a nice day, my friend.
    Cheers =)

    Liked by 1 person

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