11 thoughts on “The Truth!

  1. Well.. it is certainly Truth that all of we.. prophets or not.. take our every breath through permission of GOD.. from the beginning.. far beyond our breath to the no end as well.. of GOD’s above so below.. inside us.. outside us.. and all around.. ALLONE..

    Sadly.. ‘back then’.. people have no idea just how big GOD is.. and the fact is not even science still has any way to fully measure GOD as Nature same..

    We live now.. not then.. there are political reasons in the Nicene Council in 325 AD.. for Constantine and his Catholic Cohort Leaders to promote Jesus into a Sun God as the region’s Mithra religion will support this idea.. to expand the Roman Empire.. and there is no clear authorship to much of the bible.. as perhaps we have 18 percent of Jesus’ consistent words in what we have now of revised bibles according to scholars..

    We live in the information age.. and for anyone who looks for Truth and Light it is accessible across the globe unless there is censorship to prevent Light and Truth from reaching open human eyes and ears.. as well as lips to spread this Light and Truth…

    However.. it is no less foolish to suggest that Muhammad is a last prophet of GOD as that is restraining GOD as well.. and GOD is far above human and never ever chained in foolish little human words as chains of human beings.. humans are but one part of God and Life exists much further than WE can see..

    The way i describe this.. ‘in rough’ Parable to my Catholic Monsignor.. at my church is.. i graduate with three degrees and am a humble shoe servant in a Military Bowling Center… i do the most humble of duty as servant to provide shoes to often dirty feet.. and yes.. that is enough for me.. as GOD gifts humans number one to share.. cooperate and Love Unconditionally and what better way to do this than to provide shoes and kind words and smiles to total strangers.. counting into the 100’s day by day now by now..

    So people tell me all the time.. Fred.. you are well educated.. you are wasting your talents by handing out shoes.. but i for one feel then that knowing is a gift of human and feelings are a gift of GOD.. Love is GOD’s way and even written language is a tool created by human to attempt to make small.. often foolish efforts at scribing GOD in idols of letters.. words.. and books.. much much.. too small for GOD of Infinity True..

    So then.. i am forced into promotions i do not want.. and that eventually almost kills me.. as i am a servant and not a power hungry psychopath leaning human who can never be filled by GOD’s Love as graced to human.. My mother has this Love of GOD as gifted greatest to human and she passes it on to me through the human touch of Love.. and i carry that on.. into Bowling Center shoe giver life as totally satisfying running my chalice of love over with essence and not form of limiting Cup ..any now…

    So yes.. both Christians and Muslims believe Jesus will come back.. and if he ever does.. he will be disappointed in Christians who suggest that he is the ONLY BEGOTTEN SON OF GOD.. and sadly too.. also with Muslims who chain the GOD of all the Universe in suggesting that one human in a tiny part of one land in a tiny world is the first or last of anything for a GOD so MUCH greater than human will ever see or hear OR speak.. here..

    But here’s the thing.. GOD makes humans as weak tribal animals.. who will seek social acceptance of human rules over seeing much greater God’s rules.. the only way to attempt to find this.. is like Buddha under a tree away from culture.. Muhammad in a cave.. or Jesus in a Desert and there are many other places in Nature to do this too.. for me the Beach is my local favorite.. sMILEs.. away from all human lies…

    Power is a substitute for Love and any time one hears a limitation for GOD in human eyes or ears.. it is a clear sign of Power hunger.. and not sharing.. caring.. and giving Love that always submits and serves GOD as no greater than a grain of sand.. no matter Jesus.. Buddha or Muhammad .. GOD pecks the eyes out of these little humans no less than grains of sand or greater than birds of GOD as Spirit.. Holy.. my friend..

    God is the master we are the slaves
    of both submission and permission
    in breathing just one gasp of life..

    simply laughs
    in GOD laugh
    that human
    will never
    hear with
    human ears..
    YES.. AT human
    to chain GOD
    in silly little
    human symbols..
    no matter how
    hard human
    will try..
    will rule
    and never
    ever human being..
    alone.. in one or seven
    billion people ..GOD is
    always greater as Infinity
    strong so far beyond human
    eyes that 7 billion are but
    a fleck of
    a flea’s
    and we suck
    the blood of GOD
    no less than
    a flea
    not Know
    their real

    And of course..
    i can be wrong
    about all of this
    as i am only
    and never
    GOD alone
    or a first or
    last prophet
    of anything
    but gift
    of and submission
    to as servant
    Of GOD only
    and never
    or ears..

    But yeah.. sure..
    i doubt
    it (the
    of course..:)

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    1. Thank you so much Fred
      I enjoyed reading
      our point of views are different ..but we both agree that God is the Greatest and the Almighty
      You and me worship God …who is one God for all creatures
      I believe that Mohamad is the last prophet and I believe that prophets are sent by God to convey the same message ..
      Those prophets are graduted from the same school..the school of God
      I want to ask you a question..did you read the Qoran Fred
      I will tell you something..
      When you read the Qoran you will feel at a certain moment that God speaks to you …not Mohamad..
      You think that Mohammad composed Qoran and I believe that Qoran was revealed to him by God..
      I know that you are a well educated person and I like your writings
      Please read all the book( Qorab) and tell me about your feelings
      Fred ..you are one of the kindest characters I knew through the blog sphere
      Thanks again
      Have a good day


      1. Hi Friend Soheir.. as a student of comparative religions i have a copy of the Qoran.. and have read it through many times and as with the bible that i have also read through many times i find words of truth of kind and caring human beings gifted with God’s Love and i find words of slavey and violence gifted to human by other humans who want power and to control other people through illusory fears…

        So i believe that in both books both God and human are speaking as they speak to both love and Hate.. and hate is mostly generated by non-Loving humans.. and sadly enough those words of hate exist in both books..

        This is well documented by scholars of both books in both religions.. and of course i could provide all the verses here.. but as you have read the book likely more than i.. that shouldn’t be necessary..

        But fortunately.. we as human beings are gifted by God regardless of religion or books to discern the will of God that lives within us… and those of us who will hear the rule of God that lives in all our hearts.. if we will listen will discard those parts of the bible and Qoran that support the harming of other humans in the name of God.. whether through warring efforts or human slavery.. which in both books is directed purposefully at women as sex slaves in effect and affect of their human natures that are God given free and not tools for men to use for pleasure at their will over the will of women.. conquered.. slave or not…

        But those were the days and culture of that time..

        Human Language.. customs.. religions.. cultures are varied and limited in expanse to the full potential of God’s eyes as master..

        And sure that is not just my opinion.. scholars around the world confirm this as well..
        although of course they call God Nature instead of God..

        And of course they do not see all of what prophets who see with heart of Allah see as those prophets see with heart.. spirit.. and soul.. and not just with books my friend..

        I’m not sure how you define prophet.. there are many varied definitions of that word from cultures as varied as American Indian ancient cultures in South America.. to our modern day new religious texts by religious leaders in all countries..

        But to me a prophet is a person who hears and speaks to God in heart.. spirit.. and soul… and provides information to others through that voice of God to heal other human beings and save them from harm.. no real prophet of God is speaking for God in God’s relationship with human when they suggest other humans should be harmed in the name of Allah.. and sadly again.. there are documented verses in both the bible and Qoron that speak to human slavery and violence in Allah’s name for folks to assert their cultural rule over others who they see as the weaker and lesser in God’s family..

        And yes.. a so called prophet can speak to both human lies and humans truths.. and i see a great deal of truth from God in the Qoran and bible that indicates a prophet is speaking but sadly as the documented verses associated with violence and human slavery indicate there are a considerable number of lies in both books to harm other human beings.. to suit the pleasures of power of those who wish to subjugate and dominate other humans as the lesser instead of equal…

        You have already confirmed to me that you do not support violence in the name of Allah.. so that tells me you are kind and have the power to discern God’s truth over any information that may conflict with that.. and yes.. God provides you with those eyes.. no matter what anyone else says.. as God lives in you.. as God lives within all others including Muhammad.. Jesus.. and Buddha who are most often considered the Big three of human healers AKA prophets in that sense of the definition that i am accustomed to.. friend…

        The world needs as many prophets who can come up with new ways of healing human suffering and misery as possible.. as Lord GOD feels there is no shortage of that in this world now my friend..

        And the answer is really simple.. the same Golden rule to replace all rule of hate that has existed in many voices of prophets in the cultural and religious histories of all people and that is to Love God with all our hearts.. to Love all other human beings.. mostly importantly ourselves as without that we will not be able to truly love anyone.. including other humans and God.. God provides the path to all humans to get there.. but sadly it starts with the child nuzzled to the breast of mother.. and that breast in both literal and metaphorical ways.. is moving farther and farther away.. as humans become more machine than human..

        And this is the good thing about the way the Muslim religion is practiced although it can have a heavy hand in control of the family unit in enforcing it through the dowry.. it supports a woman’s ability to stay with a child and provide a nurturing environment for love.. so all things considered as far as the development of the human heart.. spirit.. and soul.. that part is at least good for the woman and child.. but sadly when i see Muslim men.. i see the same strong hand of repressing human emotions as heart.. where there are rarely any lights in eyes.. expressing that spirit.. that are generated by human heart.. as balance in mind and body soul.. the same eyes i see in Christian men.. of the fundamentalist way.. and i think the world needs healing in both areas.. to stop the violent ways that are found in extremist ways to the highest levels of Government in both ways of life..

        So yes.. we need lots more healing friend.. and that can only come from the new prophets of God’s healing powers.. that are never ever limited to just one man.. or seven.. or a trillion.. as it is certainly foolish to suggest that human is the most important child of God in the Universe in a place of billions of stars and trillions of planets.. so far away that we cannot even communicate with those other children of God..

        And sadly some people do not even have the ability to communicate with the other children of God who are the other animals of this planet.. seeing them as lesser eyes of God.. where yes.. they are prophets too.. often living in more peaceful and Loving ways as God will have primates do.. per the specific example of our closet cousins the Bonobo who is not tainted by the lies of culture that starts at the hand of written language that can be used as both a tool for hate and love.. sadly in both the hands of so-called regular people and prophets depending on what moves them.. words of Hate or love.. my friend..

        And you are also one of the most kind people i have come across on the blogosphere.. and you are always in my prayers my friend.. in only the spirit of love.. the place i Live my friend.. as i practice that with GOD always now… always now.. smiles..

        We don’t have to have any religion or books.. to practice the love of GoD.. it is built in and obviously you hear that and speak it my friend.. and that is all i care about regardless of the cultural and religious filters we may possess that speak a little differently.. Love is the bottom line in human life.. when Love rules God rules greaTest in human being..


        I love you friend..



      2. I love you too Fred as a brother and as a friend
        Thank you
        The holy Qoran is the speech of the Almighty God..no word of it should be deleted…
        I told you that our viwes are different..
        It doesn’t matter
        Take care my friend
        May God guide us all to the light:-)♧♣

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  2. No, I do not hate Muslims. And I didn’t delete your blog. Jacob’s name was changed to Israel by God. His chosen people are the Israelites. Even though Palestine Arabs continue to fight against the Jews over land. Jews and Arabs have many things in common. Despite the fact that they’ve been fighting for thousands of years. And you are right about God guiding both of us to the light.


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