48 thoughts on “God and time

  1. Thanks for sharing Soheir.. and while we certainly cannot fully understand time relative to GOD.. as that seems beyond our ‘pay grade’ as human beings.. those of us experience time differently through the course of life can attempt to provide metaphors for that in Human Language and in my personal experience in experiencing a wide range of subjective experiences of time.. the gentleman in the video provides what i understand as excellent metaphors for one who gains mastery over mind.. body.. and soul balance including heart and expression of emotion of heart through ways of human spirit.. and how that can be regulated in life.. through practice of it…

    I have experienced what i can only relate as human hell on earth where a second feels like a thousand years.. and now.. there is no perception for me of time.. age.. or pain.. when i am fully mindfully aware of my existence.. but that takes will.. and practice.. it is no free ride as the gentleman says one must worship GOD continuously in practice to attain it.. so yes.. when i first wake up.. sometimes i feel pain.. but then GOD provides the spirit in me.. to become timeless.. ageless.. and painless once again..

    And as one practices this grace of GOD’s gifts.. they become stronger and in someways they spread like a virus of GOD’s Love in metaphor as well..

    But for those who do not believe.. their fate is sealed.. for those who do not seek.. find and practice this worship and Covenant with GOD.. they never enter these gates of heaven now.. so yes.. hell or heaven.. can be a self-fulfilling prophecy.. where when one works against GOD.. the path is to potential literal human hell in the here after now.. that lasts always now.. or the path can be to a potential literal human heaven in the here after now.. always now.. that is no perception of time.. age.. or pain.. where life is Bliss..

    If i do not experience this myself.. i might doubt it.. but there is no longer any doubt.. fear.. feelings of pride.. jealousy or envy.. and nothing i desire but the Love of GOD and to be clear i can also be the actor GOD wants me to be.. to fulfill GOD’s will for me.. which means i can do anything and everything GOD wills for me.. as a humble servant.. who is not in a place to question GOD’s Judgement for me..

    And as far as I can see my friend.. this is a personal relationship between each human being and GOD that only GOD can judge and no one else.. It makes sense to me now.. but admittingly it takes 53 years or so to get there..

    As the gentleman suggests in this video.. it is not an easy practice.. not many ever attain it.. and sometimes the path to it.. is a street that passes through literal hell.. some folks survive and thrive and others.. fall away from fertile soils.. and disintegrate into nothingness.. and that nothingness again i see.. where one second is literally a thousand years in hell.. where one will wish for death.. but not be spared this state of hell… that can eventually fire a soul free and bright white.. as a practice of Life with GOD..:)

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  2. Hello Chris
    Thank you so much
    I hope you will enjoy watching
    Professor Mostafa Mahmoud is popular here in Egypt because he is a philosopher and a scientist and his way of conveying knowledge is very simple
    Thanks Chris

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  3. Hello fred
    I enjoyed reading and thank you so much
    You have your own deep philosophy and I like it a lot
    Thanks for sharing your experience in life here and in your blog

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  4. Hello Soheir:
    This was pretty interesting. He is a very bright man and has organized all of this into a way that a lay person can understand it. The idea of time being relative between the angels and even our own selves at the end of time is really a new concept to me. Thank you for sharing.
    Cheers =)

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  5. Hi SOHEIR.. thanks so much for all your visits to my blog.. i don’t find many people in the states that enjoy my philosophies.. but i appreciate the people i meet online in different countries like India.. Pakistsan.. and other places where other people seem to like it better.. and i hope one day more people will understand it.. and find some benefit from reading a point of view that can be as deep as what i do here online..

    Best hopes.. blessings.. and peace to you my friend.. and ha! at least folks understand.. with some deeper senses and feelings of the ‘good vibrations’ that come from my non-verbal Dance of life.. it’s truly harder to express some magic in life.. with just human words.. and sometime free style dance is the communication that works.. along the lines of a Sufi Dervish.. as I spin to connect to GOD greater.. in the ART of Dance..:)

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  6. Hello Fred:-)
    Your blog is great indeed
    Also the photographs are all wonderful
    May God bless your steps my friend..I feel happy when I meet people who have strong connection to God
    The art of dance related to the divine is interesting
    Thanks a lot Fred

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  7. Hello Chris:-)
    I am glad you liked the video
    Yes Dr Mostafa was so smart and he did many humane projects in Egypt in medicine which serve poor people up till now
    Thanks Chris
    Your welcome:-)


  8. Thank you so much
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  9. Comment englisch my sister sher. I was in 6 class in syria. My Arabic is to bad. My English is better than Arabic. But i can read and unterstand. My name is aras 17 years old

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  10. SOHEIR, you asked how old I am? I don’t give my age out. Then you asked if I’m a boy or girl, Well, for your information I’m a grown woman. And your last question, where am I from? I live in the US.

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  11. We must cease striving and trust God to provide what He thinks is best and in whatever time He chooses to make it available. But this kind of trusting doesn’t come naturally. It’s a spiritual crisis of the will in which we must choose to exercise faith.

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  12. Yes it is something personal
    As for me
    I am a woman of 41 years old and I tell about my age when asked
    You ‘re welcome..


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