Listen ( 20 ) Surat Yusuf (Joseph)

Whenever I read or listen to this SURAT I feel psychological comfort though my tears come down


37 thoughts on “Listen ( 20 ) Surat Yusuf (Joseph)

  1. Moreover, the Quran does not relate this story as a mere narrative but uses it, as usual, for the propagation of the Message in the following ways:-

    Throughout the narrative the Quran has made it clear that the Faith of Prophets Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph (Allah’s peace be upon them all) was the same as that of Prophet Muhammad (Allah’s peace be upon him) and they invited the people to the same Message to which Muhammad (Allah’s peace be upon him) was inviting them.

    Then it places the characters of Prophet Jacob and Prophet Joseph side by side with the characters of the brothers of Joseph, the members of the trade caravan, the court dignitary; Al Aziz of Egypt and his wife, the “ladies” of Egypt and the rulers of Egypt and poses a silent question to the reader, as if to say, “Contrast the former characters molded by Islam on the bedrock of the worship of Allah and accountability in the Hereafter with the latter molded by kufr and “ignorance” on the worship of the world and disregard of Allah and the Hereafter, and decide for yourselves which of these two patterns you would choose.”

    The Quran has used this story to bring forth another truth: whatever Allah wills, He fulfills it anyhow, and man can never defeat His plan with his counterplans nor prevent it from happening nor change it in any way whatever. Nay, it often so happens that man adopts some measure to fulfill his own design and believes that he has done that very thing which would fulfill his design, but in the end he finds to his dismay that he had done something which was against his own and conducive to the Divine purpose. When the brothers of Prophet Joseph cast him into the well, they believed that they had once for all got rid of the obstacle in their way but in fact, they had paved the way for the Divine purpose of making him the ruler of Egypt, before whom they would have to humble themselves in the end. Likewise, the wife of Aziz had sent Prophet Joseph to the prison, floating over the thought that she had wreaked her vengeance on him, but, in fact, she had provided for him the opportunity for becoming the ruler of Egypt and for putting herself to the shame of confessing her own sin publicly.

    And these are not the solitary instances which prove the truth that even if the whole world united to bring about the down fall of the one whom Allah willed to raise high, it could not succeed. Nay, the very “sure and effective” measures that were adopted by the brothers to degrade Joseph were used by Allah for the success of Joseph and for the humiliation and disgrace of his brothers. On the other hand, if Allah willed the fall of one, no measure, howsoever effective, could raise him high : nay, it helped to bring about his fall and the disgrace of those who adopted them.

    Moreover, the story contains other lessons for those who intend to follow the way of Allah. The first lesson it teaches is that one should remain within the limits, prescribed by the Divine Law, in one’s aims and objects and measures, for success and failure are entirely in the hands of Allah. Therefore if one adopts pure aims and lawful measures but fails, at least one will escape ignominy and disgrace. On the other hand, the one who adopts an impure aim and unlawful measures to achieve it, shall not only inevitably meet with ignominy and disgrace in the Hereafter, but also runs the risk of ignominy and disgrace in this world.

    The second lesson it teaches is that those who exert for the cause of truth and righteousness and put their trust in Allah and entrust all their affairs to Him, get consolation and comfort from Him, for this helps them face their opponents with confidence and courage and they do not lose heart, when they encounter the apparently terrifying measures of the powerful enemies. They will persevere in their task without fear and leave the results to Allah.

    But the greatest lesson this story teaches is that if the Believer possesses true Islamic character and is endowed with wisdom, he can conquer a whole country with the strength of his character alone. The marvelous example of Prophet Joseph teaches us that a man of high and pure character comes out successful even under the most adverse circumstances. When Prophet Joseph went to Egypt, he was only a lad of seventeen years, a foreigner, all alone and without any provisions; nay, he had been sold there as a slave. And the horrible condition of the slaves during that period is known to every student of history. Then he was charged with a heinous moral Crime and sent to prison for an indefinite term. But throughout this period of affliction, he evinced the highest moral qualities which raised him to the highest rank in the country.

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    1. The subject matter of this Surah indicates that it was revealed during the last stage of the Holy Prophet’s residence at Makkah, when the Quraish were considering the question of killing or exiling or imprisoning him. At that time some of the unbelievers put this question (probably at the instigation of the Jews) to test him :”Why did the Israelites go to Egypt?” This question was asked because they knew that their story was not known to the Arabs for there was no mention of it whatever in their traditions and the Holy Prophet had never even referred to it before. Therefore they expected that he would not be able to give any satisfactory answer to this question or would first evade it, and afterwards try to inquire about it from some Jew, and thus he would be totally exposed. But, contrary to their expectations, the tables were turned on them, for Allah revealed the whole story of Prophet Joseph then and there, and the Holy Prophet recited it on the spot. This put the Quraish in a very awkward position because it not only foiled their scheme but also administered a warning to them by aptly applying it to their case, as if to say, “As you are behaving towards this Prophet, exactly in the same way the brothers of Prophet Joseph behaved towards him; so you shall meet with the same end.”

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      1. Your comments add a lot to my blog
        Please be here always
        May Allah bless your steps and grant you heaven
        Jazak Allah Khairan
        Thanks alot♣♧

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    2. Thank you for following me. But your religion seems to have changed Abraham and his family. Ishmael was never satisfied. He felt God owed him more, but the covenant came from God to the Israelites. It wasn’t God who sinned, it was Abram. It seems to me that Islam changed the bible to suit their needs and not what God has planned for us all. So, will you please explain to me why Islam admits to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph and yet deny the Jews their right to Israel?

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      1. Thank you so much for your comment
        You said incorrect things about Qoran but I will not be angry and I will forgive you because it seems to me that you know nothing about Qoran
        Wait for me ..I will answer your question from the holy Qoran itself
        You are wlcome my friend:-)


      2. Yes the Qoran follow the books of Moses and Jesus
        As a moslem I have to believe in the real Gospel and Toeraa
        The English translation of Qoran is available in every place in the world
        I advise you to buy one and read it
        Believe me you will change your mind
        In the internet it is available also with all languages


      3. I believe that Jesus is a prophet
        I believe that he was not killed but he was taken by God to the heaven
        I believe that he is alive
        I believe that he will descend before the end of time and will be a ruler of justice..
        Your welcome


      4. This is not my own beliefs
        This is reality
        The Qoran says that Jesus is a prophet and not God
        Read the Qoran
        You will not lose anything if you do so


      5. Some people through the time changed the bible and wrote wrong sentences
        They changed important facts and wrote things that are not revealed by God


      6. There is only one Qoran on the earth
        Just write on google
        The English translated version of Quran
        Or wait for me to send you a link


      7. What i am not following you at all ..
        You can not impose your views upon me
        Its foolish to claim israel after 2000 years ..likewise india cannot claim afghanistan and burma ..arabs cannot claim spain ..britain can not claim hongkong turkey can not claim jordan syria saudi arabia and iraq
        Its foolish nay …lunatic rather

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      8. Please Imran keep calm
        There are millions of people from Europe ..America …etc who has the same point of view of him
        Our task is teaching them the right thing
        Please do not be nervous
        He doesnot know any thing about Islam and Qoran
        Be patient please and have a good day:-)

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